August 16, 2022

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26 thoughts on “Season 7 : The Truth Behind The Rihanna & Ana Montana Beef

  1. How is she the other woman when she’s the only girl claiming a straight thot! Like Ana, if she wanted him, she would have taken him. But she was kinda doing legends, ya man didn’t rank. She don’t like messy men. Known fact

  2. Ana is not even on Rihanna’s level. Lol Ana Ana her bff Jess Dykstra are groupies looking on to catch a big fish. They’re like 30+ and still haven’t found a solid sponsor. Right now they’re tag teaming Curtis Jackson.

      1. Yes 50. Ana Montana and Jessica Dyckstra both swing it with him. Jessica moved to NY from LA hoping to her wifed by 50. He has made no public knowledge of her and she is not allowed to post anything about it either or he’ll cut both them hoes off. They settle for a handbag and a free trip and some blow.

      2. lol you gotta get me some exclusive shit that went over my head i know she had t.i all fucked up he hates safaree because safaree laid that big dick on ana and was living with her

    1. Riri really is a savage!!

      G are you able to do the story on that Birdman leaked phone call & how Toni Braxton can still keep up with this sham with all the horrible stuff out there about him?

  3. I remember this fling! He and Rihanna were at the same club as Chris one night I think after the whole breakup between him and karrueche because of the baby and there was one picture of Chris standing in the doorway about to leave and you could see Rihanna side profile in the doorway as well so everyone speculated that they was chopping it up and maybe left together.

  4. can u go further of instagram models and teire rituals? like tammy hembrow? like was she collapsing at kylies party a humiliation rotual?? loooove your blog

  5. Ummm Rihanna is queen and that little escort is nothing but a whore… talking about other womens men lol

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