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Even J.D is down with The Nicki Hate. Updated




Lmao That was fast. So Maybe. i have. Jermaine Dupri fan in here because his assistant sure did just hit me and ask me to take it down. I will admit I was going to do it and I did actually do it for a minute but then I thought to myself, this is why I made the blog this is not Instagram so know why should I take it down? Why cause Jermaine will get mad at me? So what we’re not friends anyway. So back up it goes.

So my friend watches Jermaine Dupri’s” The Rap Game”. Right? And I noticed today even he is down with the “Slam Nicki Payola. ” I don’t watch the show so don’t expect me to get these names right. So I guess all of the people are 13 years of age because there was this one girl who is 13 years. She always makes notion that she loves Nicki Minaj she said that Nicki Minaj is the most successful female rapper ever and how she’s a hard worker, and always  gives it her all on every project. She said because of that she wanted to be like Nicki Minaj. So then they were having this press day and onthey the journalist or reporters whoever we’re going to be asking the questions mention this girl. She said “I keep hearing her say that she is influenced by Nicki Minaj ,well I can’t wait to hear her say that today because then I have another question for her.” So the girl must have taken so much criticism because she likes Nicki that she changed what she has been saying the whole entire season. Now she says that Queen Latifah was her influence and Remy Ma. Now come on people. Then they had another girl and she said Rah Digga was her influence the girl is only 13 years of age she does not know Rah Digga , and the other 13 year old that said Latifah has to  know her from TV only . .I am pretty sure she has not heard Queen Latifah’s music but the girls were originally kept saying Nicki Minaj ,Nicki Minaj, Nicki Minaj all of a sudden she changes up and says Remy Ma. Now,if you people can’t see that was set up ,I don’t know what’s wrong with you. This is all apart of defaming her in public and in the media. They’re just waiting for her to come back so they can say the record flopped no matter how dope it is. This lets me know that Jermaine Dupri. Took the bait and just had to get himself involved in the Nicki slander. You watch with all the fans that Nicki has and all of her fans are amped up about this new album ,you watch SoundScan says “It only sold 80,000 in the first week .. they can’t wait for her to come back out just so they can say the new Album was trash. Then the destruction will be complete. I know one thing, people will miss Nicki when she is gone for good because now you are seeing that these girls are not all that talented nor  all that interesting outside of her. That of course is my opinion