October 6, 2022

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9 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Gloria Velez and Remy Ma Beef and Fight – Part 2

  1. Remy Ma is pathetic. Seeing this post just makes me look at her like a hypocrite. What a loser to roll up on Gloria like that if she has a song out, with TS and doing big things. That shows how insecure and wack she really is.

  2. Yea basically it boiled down to her being jealous of Gloria. She felt threatened by this sexy Puerto Rican Mami. Coming in and potentially taking her spot. Saw she looked better than her was lighter skinned and joe messed with her yea that’s jealousy.

  3. I’m confused as to how Gloria whooped her ass when it wasn’t a fight? From what I know a few licks was Thrown back and fourth and that was that. Nobody got beat up nobody won. You just don’t like remy so you tryna play her saying she got beat up knowing damn well it wasn’t even a fight.

    1. Who are you saying doesn’t like remy G ? Cause all she’s doing it reporting what was already said and making a conclusion based off of that. She isn’t being biased it isn’t about liking the person or not.

  4. Lol I heard this story (Gloria’s version) years ago from someone who worked at hot 97 at the time. This is 100% facts, you on point G.

    1. I been said take that gun away from dat hoe and see what she’s really about😂😂😂if ya ask me I say she’s a bully🤨

  5. Ain’t this some shyt? Remy got her ass handed to her by Gloria! I would’ve never guessed it lol!!

  6. Yeah I remember LSA posted this story years ago and Gloria did a interview on it calling Remy jealous and ugly. I didn’t read Remy’s side because I thought she never responded. But I always knew Gloria won because Remy is all hard gangsta demeanor but never pop off. Homely women are like that but I’ve seen Gloria kick boxing videos. A fight is a fight so who cares but my whole thing with Remy is you calling her a video hoochie but flash forward a decade later u trying to look the part. Remy titties be pushed up all the way out and wearing the fashion Nova thot gear with weave down to the grown. So yes low key you was mad you couldn’t look like that so you body shamed. Let’s not forget those baby blues she use to rock looking a hot mess.

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