The Truth Behind The Bow Wow and Chris Brown Situation


So Bow wow aka Shad Moss found himself all up on the blogs for the wrong reasons.

First The video Leaked of him getting attacked backstage by one of future’s Goons(we will call them oons anybody that feels the need to sneak Punch Lil Bow wow got no G  in them.

Then he releases a new record which let’s just be real. THE SHIT IS FIRE !! I know a lot of people just can’t bring themselves to say that Lil Bow Wow’s joint is fire but it was well written it was dope. Now Drake says shit like that on record all the time and people say ” oh that’s dope that he can put heartfelt shit on his records” Anyway this is What Happened and they can deny it all they want but that’s what Celebrities do. Deny.   Chris Brown and Bow Wow have been Friends a long time. They were both young in the game when Chris first dropped at the age of 16 Bow wow was 19 years old and even though Chris Looked older than Bow wow and probably act a little older Bow Wow always thought of him as a little brother. They have done the groupie thing before Bow wow has always tried to pass Chris his Old chicks, Esther, and Dolicia Bryant and Ayisha Diaz but there is one thing Chris Brown has never been hi on. Chris never wants to be the guy to smash his boy’s leftovers. Chris always wanted to be that Guy who was known as the first one to smash and then they got famous. I mean look at Chris history. Rihanna, Draya, Karrueche he just never have been into sharing pussy.  Now he will go and try to smash one of his enemies girls just to taunt them but. Anyway ..  Where their relationship got a little rocky was right around the Soulja Boy stuff. Soulja Boy was taunting Chris with him liking Karrauches pics and we all know how Chris well how he use to feel about Karrueche.   Well at this point Chris and Bow had not really spoken but then on the next video Bow wow who was working on Music with Soulja came on camera with Soulja boy the very next day after Soulja was dissing Chris Brown and talking about him.  Bow wow wasn’t laughing at Chris but it was a bad look him being there with Soulja Boy. Bow Wow tried to call Chris and at that point, Chris may have had another number because they had not spoke in years. Chris point of view was like ” damn my G you haven’t spoken to me in years and now you pop up with this nigga who talking about me? and bringing up the Rihanna situation and all that? You supposed to be my bro well this nigga I clearly don’t fuck with. Chris at that point was like fuck that nigga. That’s why Bow wow got that vibe cause he knows How Chris reacted to him chilling with Soulja but remember Soulja and Bowow been friends for years as well. When Chris Commented

He did that to make Bow Wow look Crazy like he was beefing with himself. Chris knew exactly what Bow Wow was talking about and he knows they have not spoken in years and he knows why. He will come out looking like the one who doesn’t care and Bow is so corny just like people say online. I am sure Chris will put out a video saying ” I’m good bro I didn’t know we had a problem you could call me you know my number” something along those lines.  But that is the complete story. It wasn’t no chick cause like I said Chris don’t really roll like that. ( dealing with his boy’s exes or the same broads) But now like I said  Bow Wow looks silly and it seems like he was trying to start a pr fight when everybody in the circle knows that Chris Brown had a major problem with Bow wow chilling with Soulja and the only reason Chris Never pressed Bow wow is because he does have love for Bow wow.  He just ain’t really fuck with him since then.   


I am sure these two will talk it out that is too many years but Chris just doesn’t want to feel like ” don’t use me to sell no records you can call me if we people.  I kinda agree with Breezy




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The Truth Behind The Secret Fight Between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj


This “thing” between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj appears to be simmering down, but there was a point where the whole thing was about to blow up like a stick of dynamite…

So after these two had been throwing jabs at each other (mainly Nicki at first, but after that Cardi was also with the shits), the whole situation happens at OVO fest where Drake brought Cardi on stage. Now Nicki was supporting them… well fake supporting. Behind closed doors, Nicki had an issue with Drizzy doing that, however, they had just got back on speaking terms because of the Meek situation.

At this time Cardi’s song was in the “Top 30,” but I don’t think Nicki saw what was about to happen. The more Cardi climbed the charts, the more subliminal shade Nicki threw. They both were mentioning each other subliminally in songs, in Instagram videos, in pictures and posts. Then the “Motorsport” situation happened and that is when the (S)ugar (H)oney (I)ce (T)ea hit the fan!

“Motorsport” was originally a song with Nicki Minaj and Quavo. It was not called “Motorsport” at the time, it was another song. Quavo then said he wanted The Migos on the song, Nicki said that was ok. After she agreed to add the Migos, Quavo came back again and said, “We should put Cardi on the song.” Nicki was not thrilled with the idea, but Quavo said, “The Migos and the two hottest female rappers in the game on one track? It’s gonna go!” Nicki said OK, and she came with a verse that was talking about she’s “still #1 and my bitch Bardi is #2.” Cardi heard that verse, and she was absolutely livid with everyone: Atlantic, Quavo, and Offset. She also had said, “This is too far,” speaking about Nicki. By the time the song dropped Nicki had changed her verse, she took out that line, but she added other passive-aggressive lines that once again made it seem like she was taking shots at Cardi. Cardi said that she wanted to rap ahead of Nicki because she thought the other line was still in the song.  One of my sources that have been close to this situation from the jump said that Cardi was so angry. 

Now Nicki and Cardi had spoken before the Twitter convo on social media. Cardi said, “We got a hot record. Whatever is going on, we can hash this out.” Nicki said that there wasn’t a problem. This was before the song dropped. Even once the song was out, Cardi still wasn’t saying anything until she sat down and listened over and over. Then she was seeing how Nicki was responding to social media. She wasn’t really promoting the record that she was on, she was continuously referencing and shouting out Quavo like it was only those two on the song. Even when the video dropped, it was only Nicki and Quavo. Cardi could not hold it back anymore. She called Nicki Minaj through her management. Nicki returned the call hours later. Cardi then told Nicki they need to have a meeting. But Cardi was not thinking about a meeting. She was fed up she was planning to “shoot the fade” with Nicki Minaj. I have text messages to prove what was going on. Nicki said to Cardi, “Anything that we had to discuss is now over. The record is done, the video is done. Anything you want to discuss  you can do that with management.” At that point, somebody on Cardi’s team started yelling out stuff in the back. I am not sure if Nicki felt something was up at that point, because she said, “I don’t have time for this,” and hung up. Cardi was beside herself she was screaming, “It’s on sight with that bitch when I see her.” Cardi’s whole thing is if you talk shit in the street and people run into you, they close your mouth for you. She said, “That bitch said it was all good when I asked her, now all of a sudden she wanna act funny? Fuck that fake ass bitch.”

If Nicki had went to that meeting, she would have been walking into a fight that she would have never expected. From what I have been told, the two have not spoken since that conversation.

Edited by Naj G
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The Truth Behind LL Saying ” He She” In the Flava in You Ear Remix

Yall Need to stop  I am not gonna let you do my QUEENS brother like that. LL grew up on Farmers Blvd. I was from Hollis. LL was not referring to a transvestite when he said ” he she’  In fact he did not even say He She. He sad EESHEE .. That was an old saying back in Queens when shit was about to get poppin.  Yall need to stop saying that Man was talking about a transvestite.  That is like sayinG  ” OH shit!!  Eee Sheee    That’s how we do in Queens we have our own lingo just like the Dun Language lol. Shout out to Queens  we the best  Nicki, Onyx, Run DMC, LL, The Juice Crew, Mobb Deep, 50 cent (unfortunately lol)   We the Best