October 6, 2022

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29 thoughts on “Did They Get Ella Mai Too?

  1. Speaking of Ella Mai, she’s been down with DJ Mustard for years and he just so happened to just lose his dad 🤔… ever since I started following you I give celebrity “family” deaths the side eye. Plus the post seemed disingenuous. Also, do you know anything about H.E.R.?

  2. I love H.E.R. & hope she stays true

    This Boo’d up song I can’t get into & im over it being everywhere

  3. I already knew she was down. When she did the remix with Nicki and Qavaho. I like her music and HER. I really want to know where is Sza and Kendrick Lamar hiding. Them to made that song Star together in April. Then they both disappear after that.

    1. right sza disappeared i know she was having issues with her voice and she said she was going to to do one more album then quote she said it was all to much..

  4. Dammit….. I hope she don’t. When I look at her….. She is just so stunningly BEAUTIFUL to me. Like….. So soft, so pure, so…… ORIGINAL. I feel like I have like a #NoHomo Crush on her frfr lmao so….. I really hope she will take the “OTHER ROUTE” and don’t let them “tarnish” her….


  5. Did you see the other day when Diddy’s youngest son had his right eye covered with his hand on the pic?

    1. Yep I saw that too and mentioned it on her IG post.. It was obvious he would’ve. i wonder what ritual Diddy had him doing hmm

  6. I really hope she doesn’t but if she does, I mean we definitely will be seeing more of her. I noticed that she wasn’t a provocative person, she just looks like a normal innocent girl. I’d be naive to think that she couldn’t be turned out as well.

  7. I feel like there isn’t any other way to make it big, without going down that road. Even if they would make their first, or even their second album with an independent label. Once the artist is profitable, they get sucked in by “The Machine” and once they realize there is an obligation that contains rituals, sacrifices and what not they want to get out, but by then it’s too late.
    Even though female singers like Ella May, Jorjo Smith, Ama Lou ect have amazing voices

  8. G? At this point they would have already done something sexual to secure the initial deal though right?

  9. I definitely notice some huge celebrities in those bathtub pics some even have the black and white checkered tiles 😐. Your page be having me watch every move now lol

    1. I seen the water black too in K. Michelle video. Tanks had a girl in a bathtub with black water in his video too

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