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The Truth Behind LL Saying ” He She” In the Flava in You Ear Remix

Yall Need to stop  I am not gonna let you do my QUEENS brother like that. LL grew up on Farmers Blvd. I was from Hollis. LL was not referring to a transvestite when he said ” he she’  In fact he did not even say He She. He sad EESHEE .. That was an old saying back in Queens when shit was about to get poppin.  Yall need to stop saying that Man was talking about a transvestite.  That is like sayinG  ” OH shit!!  Eee Sheee    That’s how we do in Queens we have our own lingo just like the Dun Language lol. Shout out to Queens  we the best  Nicki, Onyx, Run DMC, LL, The Juice Crew, Mobb Deep, 50 cent (unfortunately lol)   We the Best



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The Truth Behind The Flava in Your Ear Remix By Craig Mack,

The Year was 1994. The Song was  called  Flava in Your Ear  and now it’s the Bad Boy Remix . Craig Mack had given is a classic and now it was time to add  The Notorious B.I.G, LL Cool J Rampage and Busta Rhymes.   So during this time what a lot of people were unaware of was the beef going on within the Bad Boy camp between Craig Mack and Notorious B.I.G.   The two never saw eye to eye. Mack was giving Diddy a hard time about the direction he wanted to go in. Diddy wanted to make him more like a Don his 2nd album. Diddy would say ” your name is Craig Mack you need to be a mack” Craig did not want to do that. Biggie would see Puff stressing and would say ” Man fuck that dude” he weird anyway and he ain’t that damn good to begin with. I never liked that cat”  So on the Flava in your ear remix they were both taking shots at each other. One of the illest  remixes ever because LL was not supposed to be on the record but he delivered one of the most appearances ever in Hip Hop. R.I.P Craig Mack.. I miss hiphop  so Bad.

Big and Craig brought out the best in each other.

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The Truth Behind Tupac’s Song to Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes


People tried to always tell me of all people. The woman that studied Tupac for years after his death and went and spoke to over 50 people who knew him and got stories from them. People tried to tell me this song was not about Lisa when it clearly was. That was their relationship when She was with Andre and she would always turn him down because of Andre. Pac found out she was getting beat by Andre. In this song he called her Ebony  which according to his sister is what he called “Left Eye”  Pac knew Andre so that is why he said in the song ” drama with me and your man” because he had approached Pac one time about Lisa and because Pac did not want to cause Lisa any trouble he said ” Nah that’s my homegirl” I listen to this song and he says things like “our destiny to be together”   That is what they talked about . Their last conversation when she was messing with someone in death row ( people say Suge) and Pac was engaged to Kidada. Pac and Lisa had a conversation in 1992 and she told Pac ” OK 10 years if in 10 years we still feel the same way fuck it we gonna together forever fuck everyone else”  Pac and Lisa made a pact  He died in 1996 she died in 2002 10 years after they made that pact. She kept her promise”


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The Truth Behind The Secret Relationship Of Tupac and YoYo

That’s right, I said Tupac and Yo-Yo.  A lot of yall didn’t know this was even going on. So around 1991, Tupac and Yo-Yo met at a studio session, and there was something about Yo-Yo and Pac that just was like animal instinct.  So he asked her what she was doing there she told him that she had a session with Cube, and Pac was like, “Yeah, let me get your number. I may need a ‘SEX-SION.’” Yo-Yo was like, “You may need a what?” Pac just said, “I may need a studio session with you,” and they both started laughing. Yo-Yo said, “That’s what I thought.” So from that on, they started kicking it.

Yo-Yo was always like “I don’t usually like short dudes or skinny dudes, but you definitely got my interest.” You see what happened to Yo-Yo is what happened to a lot of women that met Tupac face to face. They found out he was a totally different person then what they see on t.v., and what they hear on record.  His intelligence was his sex appeal and he spoke to you with his eyes. Dem damn eyes were hypnotizing. Funny thing is that is what he said about Yo-Yo. He used to love her eyes. Yo-Yo ironically was on the original version of “Dear Mama.” She was on the record and hardly anyone knew that, but they could not get the record cleared because he used some record that she was on with Ice Cube where he sampled her voice.

So when Pac got shot, Pac’s sister actually called Yo-Yo. Even though Pac was engaged to Kidada, the family knew he was messing with Yo-Yo for years and they were very close. Even during the times he had a girl and she had a man, it was like, “I’ll see you when I see you and when I do see you, it’s on and cracking.” Pac would brush anybody off for Yo-Yo with the exception of Lisa (Left Eye) or Jada.  So Yo-Yo flew out immediately and went to the hospital. At first they would not let her in, but the family said, “No, she is family.” Yo-Yo said the moment she saw him, she knew this time was going to be different. And no matter how strong he was, his head was so swollen, it was the size of a watermelon. She just sat with him and she kept asking him, “Pac can you hear me? Can you hear me?” She said he tried to open his eyes, he tried his hardest, but he had no black left in his eyes. She said she looked under the cover and his middle finger was blown off. Yo-Yo said at that point in time she had to tell him, “I love you, Pac. I have loved you from the first day I saw you.” Then they told her that she had to leave and Pac started moaning like he didn’t want her to go. She said he was trying to tell her that he loved her too. Yo-Yo said when she left, she knew she would never see him again. 

All the way to Tupac’s death bed, nobody knew about their relationship except his sister. However, it was a relationship that they both held dear to their heart.




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The Truth Behind The Beef Between Tiny Harris and Lisa ” Left Eye” Lopes


This is one of those Beef’s that hardly anyone knew about. You have  to know someone in the circle  or you would have had to be in the mix yourself

But this took place around 93-94 somewhere in there.  Now Xscape  was out they came out right after TLC they were Jermaine Dupri’s  group and Because they came out around the same time  as TLC they were always compared to each other.  Now Lisa Left Eye Lopes was the rapper of the group TLC and for some reason  probably because of skin complexion she and Tiny would always get compared. Now Xscape and TLC never came out and had a formal beef but a lot of people feel as though that was Jermaine’s answer to TLC because he was really involved with TLC from the start and always felt as though the whole persona of TLC was created by himself. Anyway these two ended up involved in a situation and it had nothing to do with them having a problem with each other. Continue reading “The Truth Behind The Beef Between Tiny Harris and Lisa ” Left Eye” Lopes”