September 30, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Hot Takes 3/16/20

  1. I’m glad I can still leave comments, but with this new format, I cant like posts or.comments anymore 😢

    Anyway….Robert is just having those charges piled on top of each other now. Feds are trying to put him UNDER the prison

    Hmm..I wonder who pissed Tiffany off. She seems like she will tell it ALL, straight no chaser, and I’m here for it!!!

  2. You can breastfeed your child at four, regardless of how society feels about it. It’s better than cow’s milk which is made for ITS calf.

  3. Tiffany run her mouth regardless. Just hood. Common probably had to talk to her to keep her mouth shut about them. Otherwise she would tell it all.

  4. Tiffany runs her mouth too mouth she better be careful and once again G is the goat cause she been told us about Michael being a controlling stalker.

  5. I wanna know who Tiffany tryna expose

    I guess it’s okay that Coco still breastfeeding. I just can’t see myself with a child that big hanging from my boobies

    R. Kelly just might kill himself to get out of all that time he’s gonna get. Compared to Weinstein, I think Kelly is gonna be forced to do all of his time. Weinstein is gonna find some way to get himself out of all that time

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