August 15, 2022

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37 thoughts on “The Drake, Rihanna, & Chris Brown Love Triangle : Is It Back On Since Drake Brought Out Chris Brown On Stage?

  1. I agree i wasnt happy to see them make up lol. Its ok to respect each other ans not be friends. Drake always seem like a clout chaser to me. All business moves but he disguise it with smiles and fake love ( like Canadian Hov lol ). Idontknow Rihanna just need to Drop that Album she getting me Tight 😒😡

    1. Knowing Rhi… she’s probably just laying the foundation with both dudes to secure her tracks for the next album. Chris and Drake have both done A LOT of good selling music for her.

  2. On a break for several months, that sounds like a break up! Ri Ri need to leave drake along, he is not serious! Too busy flying in instragams hoes behind her back!

  3. Could you imagine DRAKE-RIHANNA-BREZZY on a track how dope that would fucking be?!! Y I dreaming right lol. I liked that Drake man’d up and corrected all his wrongs, too bad his labelmate can’t follow suit.

    G, you think there’s gonna be more of a backlash towards Kanye now that Drake exposed him?

    1. not really because a lot of people dont like drake either but among fans that were down the middle yes this will turn them against kanye

  4. Ok so here’s my thoughts on this Drakes a smart guy to do these make ups especially in the public eye. He looks like the good guy sweet Canadian brotha lol. I really don’t understand this love triangle between them now only because drake doesn’t seem to know who is really the love of his life. I thought he loved nicki now he comes out sayin he wanted a baby with someone like robyn. I was like 😱 lol. But yea that will definitely put them in an ackward place. Especially cause they don’t know that she’s back in communication with both of them. So far I’ve seen their fans hype for them to be cool again and they can’t wait for the music so we’ll see.

    1. he wants nicki but he has been with rihanna he cant be in love with nicki if he has never been in a relationship with her.However, someone I know very well are very good friends with drake and they have had that conversation and he has said before in front of his crew if he had his choice it would be nicki those are facts

  5. Rihanna should accept the fact that his a billionaire and those people have rules on how they live their lives.

  6. Merry go round and ROUND! Chile, Robyn NEEDS to leave these 2 alone. She has been there MORE times than enough and it never seems to work out… so time to LET IT GO. OK, so it doesn’t seem to be panning out with the billionaire, then find SOMEONE else OTHER than these 2. Girl, keep your sanity. And why am I NOT surprised that all these break ups to make ups are strictly business moves.

  7. Well all I will say isis song with them 2 on it will be pure fire🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥 🔥… Then being friends I don’t see that happening like you said G, due to trust issues. But they will keep it business and cordial 💯💯

  8. Rihanna seems like the type that can be your friend, but once it’s done, it’s done. Especially now. She’s come so far. It doesn’t make any sense to go back to either one of them to try again.

  9. So G back when Chris album heartbreak on a full moon dropped rihanna had posted a pic with the caption that matched the lyrics of Chris song “Other N*****” which was only released when the album dropped and people suspected her and Chris were back cool and she heard the album before it dropped or something because it was to coincidental. I’m assuming they were back communicating around that time or no?

  10. Tbh I’m over Chris’s music, and drakes albums always sound the same except for his singles. I need a album Rih! Bitch wyd??

  11. You’re right. I like both, but I’m actual fan of Chris Brown. I don’t trust Drake. He’s very calculated and he’s a Scorpio 😂 don’t bother them, they will plot and will sting you out of nowhere 😂😂 They remind me of Cardi and Nicki. 😂 One is calculated and does sneaky stuff behind the scenes and the other will go to social media cursing the other out looking crazy and doing diss tracks 😂 I hope they stay cool though. Ain’t no woman or man worth all that beef. Too much wasted energy 🤷🏾‍♀️

  12. It’s obvious that Drake is trying to become the most liked man in America. You can tell he hates for anyone to have anything negative to say about him. What I don’t get is why do all this to only go against Nicki. He is obviously still shading Nicki.

  13. I’m not a big fan of Drake but I’m glad they are communicating again because I will say this they make some bomb ass music together and I wouldn’t mind them having a track on Rih next album. I’m not a fan of Chris and he needs to leave her alone as well as her lol. Drake gotta play nice nice because I bet they was gonna be done with his ass.

  14. I don’t like nor care for rih rih never have but I hope they both just leave her along and be friends and fuck all the hoes together 🤷🏽‍♀️

  15. Rih & Hassan are still together. They are simply just very private. Rih doesn’t want the same attention the CB & Drake relationships brought.

    A fan found out their location a few days ago from another insider whose family works for Hassan & disrupted them at a restaurant they were at overseas. Everyone is okay but things are even tighter now so I wouldn’t expect any info on them from awhile.

    Hence why Drake & CB keep up the foolishness bc they know Rih won’t respond then the Chrianna & Aubrih fans draw their own conclusions

    I hope Drake & Chris leave Rih alone. Mel seems jealous that she can’t be around Chris or Drake’s crew anymore & thinks she’s doing something by getting family passes to Drake shows

    & Hassan keeps has pretty air tight security, some that’s even been traveling with Rih

  16. Drizzy an Breezy are both too emotional to be solid friends and too much time has passed. I like both artists but if they can keep a good professional working relationship, that’d be cool. Like Drake an Puff do.

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