September 29, 2022

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52 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Beef Between Dame Dash and Lyor Cohen Part 2

  1. That is messed up and what’s crazy I was in this era watching things here and there and figured Jay had a purpose all along to sweep Dame company right from under his feet… I felt so bad for Dame when Jay paid him that Lil ass amount and sold it for damn near triple… Jay really messed Dame over, all for 💰 money and fame 🤑 and betrayed the person that help brand him

    1. MsQtil right now Jay.z is going through a lot now. And Beyonce might off his ass because he is deactivated. Drake took his place. Jay.Z is now worth more dead than alive right now. His album 444 failed and the one him and Bey drop in June failed too.

  2. This whole story crazy. I mean it’s like the Aaliyah situation fueled the fire for this if it wasn’t already a thought in the back of his mind to pull something like this. I saw Dame on a show a while back for families who need help getting along and I swear he was miserable but I understand why now.

  3. Lyor Cohen is a powerful man in hip hop. His a dangerous man too. How did he get all this power in the hip-hop music industry.😐

    1. Cause all these n*ggas see is dollar signs unfortunately… They see the fame and money, and really don’t care to look at and read them contracts. They figure hell With the money ima make, I can buy my way out, if I want to.. LIES…They really be out here, signing their lives away.

      1. That’s why they really should be mindful of who they keep close and sensible money management. Not saying they shouldn’t embrace their new found fame and celebrity, but from what we’ve seen time after time, there’s always a price to pay!

  4. So basically Jay was waiting for the right time to get back at Dame for Aaliyah? Damn he screwed him over for life. Liar Cohen is a typical white man in the corporate world will use you, string you along, betray you and take all your shit for his own self gain. Ohh but Queen naija😞

  5. Wow- I remember hearing that Dame was like the pit bull and always fighting with everyone to protect Jay and his artists so everyone ended up hating him and Jay ended up playing nice with them and kicking Dame to the side… what i don’t get is how did Lyor get to where he was? Like who was he? How do these ppl get these positions? Poor Dame… if what I read earlier is true (Yeezy could be worth 1.5 billion.. side note, did u hear that) Ye hits Dame off with some $ for shitting on him years ago- I think Dame deserved it but at the same time I feel like they’re all grimy and Dame prob did some shady shit too-

  6. Petty always wins, who ever said women are more sensitive lied. Jay been holding a steady grudge all these years and it will continue

  7. Damn.. Can’t trust nobody in the business. It be your own people that will fuck you over!! Jay a whole clown for this move!!

  8. Damn that’s crazy. But yo I think Lyor had Blueprint 2 flop on purpose so that he could get back into Jay’s ear and have an easy way in. Lyor and Jayz are both snakes 🐍

    1. That’s what I was thinking especially since we’ve learned that the elites manipulate numbers all the time 🤔

    2. Exactly! They have the power to manipulate numbers and given that we’ve seen them manipulate numbers both to help AND hurt artists. If hurting Jay for the moment helps them in the long run, they’re guns jump on it. It could be wrong but it just seems fishy to me 🤨

      1. Excuse my spelling errors, I’m at work tryna drink some mid afternoon tea served hot by Miss G 🐸☕

  9. And now Kanye sees that.. Jay Z never wanted him in the label.. Dame Did! And he told Kanye to watch out for him.. now see how Jay has sold out Kanye as well 🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  10. Karma is all I can say . Now Jay is experiencing what it takes to be an elite . Those last albums were a flop smh I heard the tour isn’t doing as great and basically in my opinion people are over him and B . The facade that everything is perfect and blah blah we aren’t buying the bullshit y’all selling .
    Now everything is black this and that.. u had that already remember and u sold out lol . Smh

      1. Smh and I went to the first tour totally different energy and vibe. They are both great artist I just wished as people we knew our power without being manipulated

    1. back then 500k first week they were expecting more You have to remember it sold 2 million but it was a double album it probably took almost 3 million to make it

  11. This whole music industry is a mess. Just thinking how Mariah was the one of the hottest vocalist out here, and she just got completely shut down down. From her mental health( notice when they’re not profitable any more as G says, they make them crazy or depressed). And totally disgraced her further on her NYE performance. Like, she don’t even try nomore

  12. Aaliyah death and the rise of Roc a fella ! I remember hearing she was going to sign with them but was already producing a 4th album with virgin. Then boom her death, I’ll be glad when the industry spills the real truth about what happened to her. Reading this made me look at Dame differently. Jay is the real snake and I’m thinking there’s a lot more dirt done in this situation!

  13. I hate Lyor what’s crazy is all these black celebs can’t be rich or famous without these men who don’t give a fuck or know anything about rap, hip hop or r & b. People were calling Dame crazy because it’s easier to believe a lie.

  14. Dame knows that Jay screwed him. It’s part of the reason they don’t talk. The way Dame is, Jay was his boy and they came up together so he won’t publicly go off on him… Lyor he had no ties too and so he’s an easy scapegoat for the anger and betrayal.

    Also Jay was PISSED that Dame signed Dipset and made Cam’ron President of Roc-A-Fella. Jay was on vacation when the Cam for President annoucement came. Remember… Jay and Cam/Dipset had beef. That was the last straw Lyor needed to get Jay to move.

  15. when someone strokes that mindset of having it all for you…man listen….im never surprised anymore at what the power of money & bitches will make anyone do these days…smh

  16. If he had made that comment under a Nicki Minaj picture there would have been blood in the water but it’s Kim so people would ride with the devil against Kim and hop on his bandwagon if they had to, and that’s sad you don’t have to like someone to understand right from wrong about them being attacked, and then he actually posted something that insinuated fighting a woman. Sis is mad that his card got pulled, he thought it would be a regular bullying day on the playground, but the attacked fought back.

  17. wow i guess more people than we know have shitted on the people that helped them come up. I think being young and black in this industry makes it even more hard because you can be easily manipulated. you see a white man and we were always trained to think they automatically had power, way more than we did. So whatever they tell you is bible. then they flash some money, girls, clothes, cars, in front of you and boom you’re sold. We were trained to think we should trust the white man that they were the way to go if you wanted to be big. boy were we wrong cause in the end all they cared about was making money off niggas. and they love it especially when you aren’t educated cause they can get over on you way more.

  18. I don’t know why they thought they could play Dame and he wouldn’t say anything. One thing about Dame, he will ALWAYS speak up. I respect that about him. As for Jayz, every dog has their day. We may not see it on the surface, but he will answer for his crookedness.

  19. Wooooooowww! They did Dame dirty. Your can tell his anger even now comes from a place of hurt.

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