October 2, 2022

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67 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Beef Between Ray J & Bobby Brown

  1. Wowww Ray and his mom and sister all seem dysfunctional. I wonder what his mom thought about his relationship with Whitney? She’s obviously very vocal about her dislike for his new wife

  2. I suspected Ray J was the connect

    He really hasn’t reaped what he has sowed

    Were they still messing around up until her death?

    What was in the note in that exchange between Brandy & Whitney?

      1. I believe that’s what it said as well G cause she was spooked out her mind after reading it… She couldn’t even hold on to it it totally took her out of her element and I think it might have mention reference to her brother… I watched that video a couple of times and it affected her tremendously 😢 Rest on Nippy😇

  3. I’ve never been able to stand this creep Ray J & Princess has just ruined her life marrying this jerk. The only good thing that has & will ever come from her being w/ this piece of shit is that beautiful baby. Whitney was EVERYTHING to me. He will reap what he has sowed. He’s nothing more than a user & clout chaser.

  4. Ray J was most definitely the connect. But New Edition didn’t want it with Ray J back in those days because of his connection to Suge. Lots of crazy shit.

    1. Bobby employed Suge. What you mean by that if it weren’t for Bobby putting Suge on in those donr be cruel days.

  5. Ray J is scum. I can’t believe Sonya let that boy tarnish Brandy’s legacy with his bullshit. Poor Brandy knows. Thats why she hasn’t been the same since Whitney’s death.

  6. I told him he killed WHITNEY and God was going to deal with him and the bitchass nigga block me. Guilty conscious!

  7. Ray J is a scumbag all American 1st team… what a piece of shit, the karma train is coming for him

  8. All this damn drama!! Its a lot of fucking and fuckery going on in them entertainment streets!!! New edition would’ve whooped Ray J ass!!! Seems he is in the elites good graces…

  9. All of this drama because Ray j wanted to act tough and was as drug runner…smh.. I knew he was providing Whitney with the drugs but didn’t know that all of this started by him. I really actually feel sorry for his beautiful baby daughter.

  10. G is absolutely CORRECT! If y’all look towards the end of the Whitney’s funeral service, you will see Ray J touch the casket and he fell back. Also, if you notice that Whitney’s casket is place on the shoulders of the pallet bearers, it means she was sacrificed. The Masonic way of bearing a person who was sacrificed. It wasn’t just Ray J that helped killed Whitney. It was Clive, Pat, and That Waffles dude. In fact, have anybody notice that Waffles dude was always around Whitney up til the day she died? Now, the fool done vanished without a trace! Now my mom is an OES and my ties to government is still active. I have decipher some things to her and it shocked her. But nonetheless, when G post something, 9 times out 10 it is absolutely true. What information G don’t have at the time, that’s when I go to her and give her the rest.

      1. That is why she hurried up and closed down those two consignment shops she had in North Carolina. She knew Mrs. Cissy was a Trustee over Whitney’s money when Whitney died. Somehow or another, Pat became Co- trustee of the money. How did y’all think Pat brought that brand new Jaguar the day before Krissy died? With Krissy’s trust fund money!

    1. You really do and I’m truly grateful as I mention on another post, but you helps out a bunch you and G are true MVP’S ❤❤👑👑

  11. The Norwoods always tryna act like they’re perfect I know they have some dark secrets but Sonja wont let it get out Moniece and Princess said it allegedly the father has other kids that she doesnt want him to have contact with.

  12. Ray J has always been nothing more than a loser, little brother, trying to come up off of his sister’s success. I can always see right through his exterior. You can just see the true intentions and demons inside of him. He’ll pay one day.

  13. First of ray j funny as hell talking shit to Bobby I was ctfu at the first part but that lil fucker disrespectful as hell I never liked his ass he acts entitled and his mom I can’t stand her ass.

  14. I am shocked about the song. Still mad about how they treated Bobby at the funeral. Pat & Cissy owe that man a public & private apology.

  15. Its not Ray J’s fault when Whitney Houston was a drug addict before he was even born. It was her decision BUTTT her brother put her on the pipe. So he’s to blame on that.

    Is Ray J wrong yes (he’s a preacher kid he knows better) and he now has a baby girl Melanie. It’s always the dogs who’s 1st born is a girl. Sometimes God gives you your karma threw your children. RIP Whitney and Bobby Kristina.

  16. I heard from other blogs Ray J was the connect but I took it with a grain of salt. Since then I side eyed him watching lnhh Hollywood. Wonder if Princess dumb ass even cares smh lost ass hoes.

  17. Is there any truth to the rumour that music execs are demonic entities that can physically shape shift? A read a story about a former female child star. Her mother found out she was being abused my record execs. She had a private meeting with them. One of the “physically changed” before her eyes. The mom was left severely traumatized and refuses to go into more detail, even to this day.

  18. There’s a video on you tube and Bobby’s sister says Ray J was the plug and was her runner boy (that’s what Whitney told her) and that she died because Ray gave Whitney a bad bag of drugs which killed her which is why he feels responsible for her death. I also heard that note was meant to be passed to Ray coz it had her drug orders on it.

  19. Karma is a funny bitch. She doesn’t come when your miserable but when your blissfully happy. Be careful.

  20. While I didn’t know he was the reason Bobby left the funeral, I always knew Ray J was Whitney’s drug supplier. Smdh! Hope he knows Karma is a bitch!

  21. Since RayJ had a hand in Whitney’s death is it the Elites that invested 30 million into his electronics company?

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