July 1, 2022

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18 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj Update

  1. Please don’t go telling Cardi’s camp this G.. you’re seemingly close to Cardi and her peoples now and I could see them plotting to do so slime sh#t towards Nicki when getting ready to release. Let that woman live and be the great that she is.

  2. Queen radio was so funny. She was spazzing, so she should def do it again, apple better cut the check.
    Hope she hops on that Em track. Love them together.
    But I can see her fans buying her music so that she will get another number 1. They are prepared this time, I’ve seen them doing stuff on Social media.

    LOL y’all know G was the first to slide into Cardi’s DM telling her everything, they’re besties 😂

    I hope Nicki drops another doc in 5 years blasting everyone.

  3. I think her documentary would be interesting to see. I remember MTV did a mini doc on her back in the day when she first started. I think it was called “My Time Now” which was interesting but I also like documentaries in general so.. Lol

  4. I could care less 🤷🏼‍♀️ NIcki knows it’s a wrap for her so all if a sudden she don’t care about #1s on grammy’s when she was just behind the science tryna get features and nobody was responding so know NIcki team is tryna debunk everything now 🤣

    1. Okay sweetie y’all thought it was a wrap for her 2018 during the hate train y’all thought it was over and look at her now the barbs are going to show df out like we always do

    2. For years, Nicki has already said that she doesn’t care about the Grammy’s. There are so many interviews of her saying it. So idk why y’all think it’s a new thing.

    3. Nicki never cared abt having number ones her entire career. She cared abt charting anywhere in BB and also fuck the Grammys it better for her to accept the industry never going to give to her than continue calling them out cause that won’t change their mind. How Nicki trying to get fts when fts come to her??? It can’t be a wrap for her while they still think she a threat. NICKI IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE

    4. And who cares about having number ones bad Grammy when u are bringing the real money. Nicki doesn’t go begging around for features. U can still apply for bankruptcy with all that 🤷🏽‍♀️

  5. I think the only way her husband will do jail time is if someone behind the scenes pays off a judge. I could see that happening to restart the hate train.

    Nicki is such a threat because even tho she deactivated and black balled she’s still selling just as much as these new artists. Thats EATING THEM UP INSIDE! They prayed for her downfall and it backfired lmao barbz are going no where. Its so many of then nicki don’t even need thr industry.

    The only new female rappers i want her to collab with is doja and mulatto. But i get it if she doesn’t.

    Would love to see her and Em again, possibly with wayne too. I def support her choice to make hip hop legendary music. I think that’ll help her credibility as a rapper in the long run. Cuz ppl always wasn’t to down play her due to her pop success.

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