September 26, 2022

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42 thoughts on “Joss Stone Got Her Soul Back… So It Can Be Done

  1. Especially nowadays. I can’t believe she decided to pay them back all the money they invested in her. Who’s going to do that? With this economy?

  2. I met her when she was 19. Very sweet girl but you could see something behind her eyes. Couldn’t put my finger on it, but maybe it was a maturity. She was definitely the real deal.

  3. I remember reading about those guys plotting to kill her- very scary…at least she is able to do what she loves freely. Living lavishly is clearly not as fabulous as some people make it seem.

  4. G this was so good.. could you do more artist like her that got out and how? what about Ashanti and Mya pretty please..

    1. Yes can you talk about them. You stated they kept their soul. How? Also can you speak on Pink and Kelly Clarkson. Pink basically said FU to LA reid and went pop/rock and hasnt looked back. Kelly Clarkson has spoken negatively about clive davis publically. Thanks for all the sugar!!!

      1. She didnt say fuck you to La she was still under him lol she was just doing her own thing

  5. Even if you are able to give back everything they invested in you they still play hardball and try to keep you on board with s*** that you are not comfortable with smfh and still punish you for leaving by cutting you off. Sad as heck but she really must be different from these other girls that say “it’s all about music!” “If I can’t do it my way I don’t wanna do it at all” but then sell out to keep the money. Don’t front like your craft can’t be compromised cause clearly it can.

  6. I can see how most artists are stuck, since they immediately spend the advance and budget on cars, jewelry and maybe a very large house. So now the album HAS to produce numbers and I’m sure there’s a price to pay if they inflate the numbers. But let’s say they pay it all back somehow, then they’ll have to deal with people clowning them for a lesser lifestyle. Like the guy clowning Trick Daddy for being in his Spirit flight. Fame is a helluva drug.

  7. Is getting your soul back the same thing as going independent or can they still control you if you are independent?

  8. That’s really sad that people will sell there soul for fame and money. When it’s your time to leave this earth, you can’t take your fame or money with you. Everything on this earth is temporarily. People are forgetting that part of life.

  9. FAme is nothing but smoke and mirrors. Glad Joss stone got out before it’s too late. People realize it’s all fake when it’s too late. I’m sure Cardi having her epiphany now…

  10. I was told she used to fuck with that dude Nobel – he had a song – I can eat a peach for an hour lol (anyone remember that?) But she left him to mess with Rapheal Saadiq, his brother told me that. If I’m not wrong rapheal def did some tracks for her in her red hair era…..have you heard about that G ?- I’m asking you BC you know everything lol

  11. What was up with her and Raphael Sadiiq? I remember them dating and she was allegedly younger than me and he was older than my mom. He seemed to really love her.

  12. I like Joss. I am glad she was bold enough and brave enough to do what she did. But clearly she is smart. Half of these fools spend the advancement money before you can even say boo. They are too broke to even attempt to pay that money back for a clean break.

  13. Thank you for that G, I’m glad she got out. It’s sad that people get so caught up is this life that they forget it’s temporary and none of that goes with you. That makes me think of bow wow album I think it was the price of fame. Have you done a story on him?

  14. Wow that’s great for her, they really strip you if everything. ..But all it is you become a regular again as you were before…

    1. What about Lauryn hill? Is it true that she ‘kept her soul’ and wyclef basically tried to ruin her by putting voodoo on her in Haiti? And thats why shes acting strange? What about that church guy? who was he and what kind of cult was he trying to put miss hill in?

  15. Wow… Good for Joss Stone for getting out that demonic industry. Glad she is living life and not have to worry about anything.

  16. The price of fame..😆! Well beyond expensive. It’s such a shame too, because we really miss out on amazing talent. Selling your soul should ever have to be a viable option.

  17. What about her and Saadiq? They were definitely dating and it seemed strange. Was he her handler? I hope not. In my mind I’d like to think my good 90’s artists weren’t apart of the nonsense…even though I know they were

  18. Wow amazing story so happy she was able to break free from this evil industry and get her soul back. No not many people would do this until it’s too late or at all even. She is blessed and highly favored.

  19. Great piece!!! Thanks for doing a story about her! I’ve always liked her! Yeah I heard the same rumors that she was sleeping around! Especially with Raphael Sadiq. Didn’t you say Rhi was trying to buy her way out too? But does that mean the beauty collection goes away as well? Anyway… GO JOSS! maybe she got it back because she wasn’t that deep in to begin with… sacrifice etc…

  20. Question I just seen Joss Stone on Empire and whoah that girl sangggg anyways I thought she left the industry.. can she still do television?

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