October 2, 2022

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56 thoughts on “The Truth About Aaliyah’s Secrets

  1. I just lost my breath! I can’t breathe…
    All the tea on Aaliyah is bittersweet because I want to know but at the same time, I don’t wanna know that she was laying wide & low 😩🤦🏾‍♀️

  2. I actually watched that video where the grown girl had allegedly worked in a store and acted weird when an Aaliyah song came on like she was about to cry, always picked up and dropped off in the back in a tinted vehicle, once got high with a coworker who witnessed rkelly calling her, girl was a grown ass woman and had to get permission for everything even the job she was at, apparently looked like Aaliyah and honestly to me, she resembles rkellys kids

    1. Right and if I aint know any better you would think that was r.kellys transgendered child not taking away from her beauty or her being a real woman but she does favor kellys kids with the long faces.

  3. Heaven and G are the real MVP’s. Nobody and I mean NOBODY has exclusive stories like this, please don’t make us wait to long for part 2

  4. My family is from the same hood in chicago as R.kelly. Everyone out there was saying Aaliyah was pregnant and she was his girl. My family said she had the baby. I found this info out around the time her second album came out, I was teen. My uncle knew R.kelly and swore it was the truth. I didn’t want to believe it because i was a big Aaliyah fan but its looking more like the truth!

  5. Holy shit. I do remember that Timbaland post clear as day and ppl lost their minds and some were calling him crazy and sick (alluding to him referring to aborted babies or assuming that she might’ve been pregnant when she died). It confused everybody. Some people just be tired of secrets and want to be open. I can’t remember how he explained it away but damn I wanna ask him some questions lol. Can’t wait for part 2

  6. Mannnnn…All I can think about Concourse E at O’Hare. Til this day, I would never understand why they have all them Navy Boot Camp Recruits get dropped off at Concourse A and give us 30 damn minutes to get to Concourse G? On the airport map you can only see Concourse B. But there is a Concourse A.. When Aaliyah’s name come up or a song of hers, October 11, 1994 is all I can think about.

  7. Omg I wasn’t ready for this here🧐 but I must say this doesn’t seem UNBELIEVABLE especially how the industry was back then and will have you quickly hide a child or get rid of it🤦🏼‍♀️…. I can’t wait for part 2

  8. Woww! I remember when the video came out and my mother kept saying the little girl look like she could be her daughter..

  9. I admired Aaliyah and still love her very much but even as a lil girl I KNEW SHIT WAS WEIRD N NOT NORMAL 🤔🤔🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️ And as a adult now finding out the real IM ALL TUNEDDDDD DF IN‼️‼️🙌🏿🙌🏿😂😂👀👀👀👀

  10. Wow, this kind of reminds me of Rihanna and the little girl she goes all out for that’s supposed to be her little cousin. I all ways felt that she was really her daughter.

  11. That young lady looks nothing like the little girl from that video. She looked like a cute little girl that was someone’s child. The other stuff I can believe but that, nah.

    1. That’s her. I had to look at the bone structures and eyes on her face real good. Thank God for being a licensed stylist. You have to studied all of that in cosmetology school.

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