August 16, 2022

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33 thoughts on “The Story Behind Chris Stokes B2K & Immature – Part 2 … How Did Giselle’s Name Get Mixed Up in This?

  1. This is a damn trip. Now it all makes sense why they keep passing the same people around because they all got damn std’s they sharing 🤮🤢

  2. Damn. I remember that group Gyrl. I always wondered what happened to them. How sad they get away with this shit!!

  3. It make sense, you never see Marques or Chris with a female. Also, they claim to be these super religious Jehovah witness. They are crazzzzyyyyy

    1. I was just saying this to myself . I’m thinking damn if you really pay attention you notice . Because if it just rumors then why over decades the same names keep popping up same stories . THEIR DAY WILL COME ⚡️

  4. HOLD UP…. Smooth? The rapper from the 90’s that did “You know you’ve been played?” is Chris sister??? And this is some sick SHIT 😳! I can only imagine what we don’t know…. This is terrible!!

  5. I remember watching an interview back in the day with Raz B and he was talking to the Quindon dude on the phone and they were talking about all the shit that Chris Stokes would do. And Quindon was talking about how Marques Houston’s penis was uncircumcised and shit. Then when Omarion went on The Breakfast Club and said he wasn’t either (until Apryl got him to do it) I was thinking like daaaamnnn this shit must be true. And that’s probably why Omarion will never do a reunion with the other guys because of this sick shit. He probably still feels guilty.

    1. No, she got knocked off by some dude in Houston. They just portrayed her as this goody 2 shoes to sell records.

  6. Omarion and fizz look like something just happened and they mad asf j boog and raz b look sweet in this pic I think that’s y O doesnt want to reunite it would probably bring back those bad memories but at the same time I think he’s bi I think Apryl found out something shady about O that made her leave.

    1. Same because they never really said why they broke up I saw recent pictures of him and said to myself something not right with O.

  7. It’s crazy because I was only 10 or 12when B2K broke up and I was sooooo broken hearted 😂. I went and did research, and i found claims on this even waaaay back then. They even called Chris “Chester the Molester”, I mean we talking about 2004 – 2005. Of course my little mind couldn’t process anything back then.

  8. This source is spot on. One of the names she mentioned is my friend and Chris definitely messed him up at a young age. Even though time passes and wounds heal u still can’t escape the darkness that something like this causes. He’s doing great on the surface but his first love is music and it’s also a dark place for him. Praying for all the victims 🙏🏽

  9. I bet it’s a shit load of “ Weistein’s” out there. I remember hearing about all of this like 10 years ago reading a blog. And is that the same Taz that has “Taz’s Angels”? I know one of the girls left… heard he pimps them out to everybody in Hollyweird. Chris Stokes is a damn pervert for real…smh at these sick ass people.

  10. Wow that’s crazy. So they were all in like this little circle. I wonder how the parents feel about sending their children into this sickos lap. So jhene aiko sisters were in that group. Fizz and jhene used to say they were cousins. Marques and O used to say they were brothers. It all makes sense now. So the girl who had Marques’s baby where is she now ? Did she have the baby and give it up ? Did she keep it ?

    1. Jhene’s daughter is by Omarions younger brother O’Ryan. This is crazy I never knew any of this

  11. I want more information on the folks ( we know by name) not talked about but has done the same dirt Chris and them have done. The one’s alluded by your source. @ncaseudidntknow

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