October 4, 2022

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32 thoughts on “Word Has It 11/13/19

  1. Poor O, he seem like a cool solid guy. Moniece may be a little wonky, but I don’t mind her either. Both of them are trash

  2. Omarion has been the king of unbothered so hopefully he don’t bite the bait…Moniece on the other hand might fall for it if pushed far enough. Omarion and moniece need to link up not to smash but to set up a gameplan.

  3. Omarion has shown such maturity throughout this whole debacle. It seems pretty evident that Apryl needs attention and is willing to try and get it at any cost. Fizz seems like a total goof ball Jamal and is taking her lead (she seems like the brains behind it all) in this whole situation-ship (I don’t believe it’s a real relationship). The sad part is he’s willing to cross out O where O has remained silent and is willing to put their business relationship before his own personal feelings. Way to go Omarion in the end he wins and Apryl and Fizz will still look like clowns. And as far as Moneice is concerned she seems like the lil chihuahua that never stops barking. No matter what is going on. It seems like she’d be willing to do whatever to remain relevant i.e. jump on a reality show bandwagon with Apryl and Fizz. 😩

  4. You know what’s sad… April is not thinking about her children at all.. why would you do that.. fucked you know what really sad, April is lazy she wants fast money and she don’t wanna work… which is crazy cause April got a degree in the medical field I’m not sure wether is nursing or radiology or radiation therapy she not stupid.. sis if you need money either start your own business or got to work.. you can make money. She doesn’t want to. You putting your kids at risk. I have no respect for her.. Omarion isn’t perfect but at least he there for them kids and he does provide something every month.. I know some woman who will give anything to have that.. if Omarion goes along with this he fucked up too. Fizz anit shit either and monice GET A FUCKING JOB… besides I hope they saving money cause reality TV anit gonna last forever.. Mona completely selling out with making us look stupid sad

  5. I swear I want Moniece to grab April by her hair pop her a few good times and talk shit to her while doing it😂😂😂 April think she bad for sum reason so somebody need to show her. That scene with her & Jess was so fake to me!

  6. I guess I’m on an island but I think O is quiet because Apryl knows his secrets. I’m surprised that he hasn’t spoken out even subliminally. Apryl and Fizz do look cute together. IDK…

    1. You must’ve seen Fee’s post. She eluded to something along those lines. That maybe he’s into boys or something. I just don’t see it.

      Do you remember the reunion when that lady asked Fizz if he had talked to Omarion and he told her that Omarion wasn’t returning any text messages or answering his calls. I personally think that O knew something was going on between them back then and just kind of cut them both off 🤷🏾‍♀️

      1. O is a Scorpio and they are notorious for cutting folks off and being silent. So this sounds very likely.

  7. I hope O doesn’t fall for it, I wonder if he knew his babymomma was a thot before he had kids with her. The whole situation is embarassing

  8. I wouldn’t watch that shit. I’m not a fan of them at all. It seems fake to me anyway but hey what do I know

  9. Moneice is having a mental break down. I felt for her. She is messy but her mental issues seem real. I can definitely relate

    1. She has worked on doing better over the years, but folks like to pick on her. She’s definitely messy but will own up to it, unlike most of the folks on that show.

      I hope she can achieve peace real soon

  10. This will never see the light of day. O will not feed into it and … yea pointless. No one really cares about them.

  11. I feel like O will see right through that bs.

    I can definitely see Teeny Fizzle Pop trying to provoke O, but I pray that O continues to be unbothered.

    I can definitely see Ms. Thot Pocket provoking Moniece even though Mo never really said anything bad about her.

    Teeny Fizz and Thot Pocket ain’t shit. Maybe they’re made for each other

  12. Omarion is unbothered dancing with his shirt off in the Sahara desert he doesn’t care about lil frisky or apryl fools
    Plus Omarion already had lil fizz first

  13. Mona and these two are a clowns. All three are a disgrace. Nothing else to say…🤡

    Very happy Omarion is being the bigger person in this situation. The just feel bad for the kids caught up in their parents shenanigans.

  14. Omarion should file a C&D, gag order, something to stop Apryl from bringing up his name on the show, radio, social media, etc.

    1. That would be smart of him but he’s dropping new music soon and the way he’s been handling the situation publicly Apryl & Fizz only make the public admire Omarion even more

  15. I’m tired of hearing about fizzopop and whorpril already NO WAYYY PLZ NO SHOW DAMN MONA … LIKE WHOD REALLY WATCH CRYING ASS FIZZ AND WHORE APRIL

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