August 15, 2022

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43 thoughts on “Season 7 : The Truth About The Olsen Twins And What Happened To Them – Part 3

  1. I can’t believe my eyes and ears. The last video are they seriously talking about paedophilia and scatophilia in plain sight ?

  2. It seems Mary is worst than Ashley either way both have been drained and it shows. I can only IMAGINE the their MENTAL state. Its so very sad VERY. I never knew it was this DEEP. HOLLYWEIRD FOR SURE ill keep my day job

  3. My husband took me to California for my Christmas gift and we went to Hollywood and instantly was sick. I’m a vibe type of person and i could tell it’s not rights those poor twins look how young they are as babies they stand no chance. What fashion do they do they look a mess to me

  4. what ever happened to their mom after the divorce?…was she just not in their life anymore or did the dad keep her away from them?

  5. So pretty much it was all the males against the underage kids? That’s aweful. And I alwAys thought the kissing on the mouth was part of the show but now as an adult it looks soo inappropriate.

  6. This info and these videos really just flipped my entire childhood. I loved the Olsen Twins and Full House. I did wonder that something happened to them to make them so strange in adulthood. Did something similar happen to the little sister Elizabeth?

  7. Remember when that lady was calling Mary-Kate and I asked myself when is the masseuse calling Mary-Kate? Call the police you idiot! I believe Heath was getting the drugs from Mary-Kate, but from what I read, Heath was getting alot of roles back in the day. Plus, he wasn’t getting enough sleep. The last film he was in was The Dark Knight. From my understanding, Heath and Mary-Kate was just friends.

  8. I am traumatized and shattered everything that I thought about fuller house was completely wrong, I cursed the girls for not joining the reboot. Everyone is fake in Hollywood for make us believe it’s great place. I’m thankful for being myself. Lord🙌🏾

    1. I thought it was odd at first that they didn’t join the reboot but I knew it had to be a reason why and they way they took shady shots at them on a couple episodes smh

  9. I couldn’t watch the last video. Its disturbing. What fashions do they do? because I’ve never seen anything from their line. I don’t even know what fashion line is called

  10. I see Netflix rebooted Fuller House .
    Bob was always a dirty comedian so different from his role but seeing them on red carpets they never seemed happy to me even as kids . It’s sad

  11. I think I’m a lil delayed and lit bc I couldn’t find a sexual innuendo in the pizza vid. What, ‘finger licking good’ ? 🤦🏾‍♀️ a tad bit lost 😩 lol

  12. I remember watching the mtv awards and they did this whole production and celebration . I forgot who was the one that hosted it but even back then i found it disturbing . Like these grown men were watching them this whole time and listing after them waiting for them to turn 18 . It was sick

  13. Wow I never knew about Mary & Heath 😮 and she defintely had a hand in it why you want full immunity🤔. This shit is sick what happened to them and their parents need to be set on fire alive and die slowly. That pizza vid😷🤢 omg I couldn’t finish fucking disgusting…..people are fucking sickos.

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