July 2, 2022

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24 thoughts on “Word Has It Article #12

  1. I usually get these… SUOER FUN, hilarious and creative… levels!!! But I don’t get this one Sis… ☹️

    1. She is going through it they said drinking ad doing drugs I believe Pete and her label is getting impatient with her and they will be having a conversation with her about her taking this break and costing them money without making them money

  2. Oh wow this is so sad I hope her family and true friends step in before it spiral outta control…if it hasn’t already.

  3. G what’s the deal with them all of a sudden wanting to charge birdman? Is he going through deactivation?

  4. Wow I did not know she is with Atlantic. Nicki better watch out because Atlantic does not like her and can use Ariana to finesse her and help deactivate her quicker

    1. I totally fucked that one up I changed it.I was looking at this Atlantic records statement and got pre occupied lol. She is on Republic and you know they love meddling in relationships. They tried to get Nicki away from Meek

  5. People think she is drinking and doing drugs because of Mac dying but it’s because Pete is using with her. Her label is getting pissed and want her on her tour and will be talking to her about it and her relationship. Gurrrrrllll you don’t just end up in relationship after relationship with “former” addicts unless you’re using too.

    1. I can imagine that the label is getting pissed. But why are they hooking her up with these uncontrolled users. When they have a tight schedule for her. But you got a point there… She apparently was fed up with Mac Miller abuse, but you happily roll on to the next relationship, with the same problems if not bigger. Either A she doesn’t really mind the abuse around her or B she’s also using.

  6. G this whole thing is so strange . I have so many questions still and they are so strange looking together I can’t lie

    1. I was just thinking about that as well. I haven’t heard anything about his funeral or burial! Strange!!!

  7. I’m sorry but her drug use was way in before his death They did drugs together and enabled each other. Now it’s only worse due him dying.

  8. Her and Mac were a publicity stunt, she said early
    on when they first did the song together she even reference being an actress. I think the fans ran with it and they were forced to pretend. Do I think they are really cool and might have feelings for each other, though I think he fell harder, yes. But real relationship, no. Especially not with the “new” found relationship. She stated on a night show that she always liked Pete and 3 yrs ago saw him and told her tour manager she would marry him also implying they stayed in touch to me. All of sudden they get together 3 yrs later.

  9. I hate that the industry gets to be all up in your love life and shit. These celebs can’t have any normalcy damn.

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