October 6, 2022

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27 thoughts on “Nicki song Leaks That Allegedly Dropped in Russia Where She is Dropping Sub Diss

  1. Smh but we are feenin’ for more B.O we will see tomorrow when Nicki sings drops her songs I wouldn’t have said that either but we all know Nicki say what she wants

  2. This song is old and called “Half Back” and I’m pretty sure it’s a diss to Remy. This specific line seems like a response to the slut shaming bs Remy had in Shether…

    1. That what I want to know. Thats the sugar I want to know. Who are these people who encourages he to do this. To many rumors out about these 4 women. They saying Cardi b in the song too. I don’t believe that. Who every these women are, they seem to be dangerous. This not good.

  3. See the catch-22 is ANY punchline Nicki says ppl are gna assume she talking part Cardi and vice-versa. That’s Wat rapping is all about competion

      1. wtf is dj akedemiks doing he saying he got Nicki original verse to Motorsport. Honesty I’m over it you told what will happen and now we are watching the show I’m over the Nicki and cardi it’s too obvious

  4. Agree with G on this. This will not go well for Nicki! As I said, she needs to clean house with her management team and get a new one to guide her career in a new direction ASAP!

  5. She’s releasing music tomorrow at this point she should have just done what you said and made a mixtape. People are saying they been waiting for her to drop but it’s already in thier mind she is trash and a flop sooo… Idk what she’s going to do at this point 🤷

    1. If anything, I miss EVE🤷 one of these illest female rappers of MY time. Only a 🤡 doesn’t remember Eve. Nicki need to Up her rapping skills, I listen her music from her 08 mixtapes. I don’t even like her mainstream music😵

  6. I was thinking she was going to wait until summer and make a comeback with the whole young money team. Maybe not…

  7. I said before cash money label don’t have her back. If they care about her and her music career. They should have told her not to diss anybody. Why she couldnt make a song that make people feel good. Like Azealia Banks song. Right now Birdman and cash money are dead. They done kill themselvea and they money with this shit. This was not a smart move for her. And who are the other women on second song she have. I was hoping she would not do this foolishness. They gonna kill her now or coon her ass. This is sad. Birdman don’t care about nobody but himself. RIP blood sacrifice.

    1. I was really hoping that she’d make a feel good song for the warm weather kind of like Drake dropped one. If they were REALLY cool, he should’ve (if he didn’t) pull her to the side and tell her..drop some missy Elliott type of music that people can dance to that’s not really negative as far as “shading” and “attacking”. I look forward to what she’s going to drop today though.

  8. Tbh maybe the media will criticize her but at this point I dont think she really cares. I think shes doin music for her fans bcuz shes knows at this point theyre the only ones who will stick by her anyway. U said it before G no matter wat nicki do ppl gonna say she flops…so he might as well stay true to her self anddo wat she wants ijs

  9. I just listened to the two songs that just dropped, and it’s 🔥+🔥!!! It sounds like regular Nicki, and the DJ did not throw shade. It did sound like she was throwing heavy shade at Remi… 🤷🏽‍♀️

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