October 6, 2022

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51 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian’s Brand Prepares for Deactivation.

  1. You did say that G.. I remember on a episode Kim said kylie was trying to come for her spot/crown… then in a video she said that kylie”dethroned” her back 2015😕

  2. Well I like the whole family……. I like how they are a United front …….. so I’m ok with this …….her deactivation won’t be pain full for her or her fans……. Kim is into her kids and keeping Kayne as safe as possible ……..to me it seems

    1. You know what Jessica? That last part where you said Kim is trying to keep Kanye safe. Now the weird part about that is Kim is Kanyé’s handler. I don’t know how she is going to make him safe when she is his handler, plus she is a direct Kardashian bloodline too.

    2. Oh no it will be! Very painful. Keeping Kanye safe?! Are you kidding? No way she tries but he sold his soul when his mother died he’s be a mess ever since. But I gets the electroshock therapy is working cause he’s is quiet. Not the Kanye I loved back in the day.

    3. It’s only to hurt 10x worse! How would it not hurt? Kim is very jealous of Kylie.

      And as for Kim keeping an eye on Kanye… laughable! She’s his handler! She keeps Him quiet and out the limelight cause clearly he’s not to be trusted that he can keep his mouth shut. After having his kids hes been in his feelings about his mom. He regretted the day he gave her to them as a sacrifice. And as the years past he’s getting more and more upset with himself. That concert when he started spilling the beans that was a sign then and he got his shocking therapy for it. So her keeping a better eye on him!

      Girl bye! You’re new here. Welcome! Get educated and stay woke cause this ish that’s happening ain’t nothing to play with girl.

  3. G you make it clear that fame and fortune is not free in that world. For Kylie to have that kind of wealth so young did she have to do rituals like the others?
    Not asking you to bash anyone. Just curious if the kardashians/jenners have to do “strange things” to keep the powers that be happy too.

      1. You may never know tho… on her show she always says how she doesn’t want the fame. But it was something that was forced on her. She looks really sad and space out in a lot of her interviews. Her BFF looks depressed also jordyn.

      2. I’ve read that she does do overseas escorting for supplemental income as do ALOTTTTT of celebs. Allegedly, that’s how this pregnancy came about.

      3. Remember Kim visited Dubai frequently. Maybe they’ve already scraficed their father Robert.. idk is Kylie will have to do it too.

    1. I think Kylie’s ritual was having to get all of that plastic surgery done, the whole world knows she had work done. I think her ritual season is over, for now anyways.

    1. Yeah I was watching one episode and Kendall said that they wanted Kim’s opinion on having guns in the house it was her and Khloe and I can’t really remember but they said Kim would be a good manager something like that

    2. Right make Kris sit her old ass down and just be a damn grandma and reap the fruits of all of her labor. Great plot!

  4. I’m actually curious how they’ll go about her deactivation. It doesn’t seem like a case where they would use humiliation, because her & her family (which carries her replacement) are still very relevant in terms of generating money. I guess we’ll have to see how it unfolds these next few years.

  5. Don’t nobody want to see Kim or anybody else her age naked on the gram. I understand brand building but at what time do u just hang it up 🤦🏾‍♀️

    1. I agree somebody needs to tell Bernice Burgos the same thing she doesn’t even dress classy she look like a young girl

      1. 😂😂I think she is stunning but I can’t disagree with you. It really makes you realize why the old folks say not to tell your age… you may look great for 40 but if you dress like you’re 18, makes you look insecure.

  6. Makes total sense they use Kylie. She learned for her sister without having be in a room watching everything. Is her having a baby like an offering? Why are they even having children if they sold their souls don’t bring children into this.

    1. I say this all the time. I feel bad for children being born into their parents devilish activities. Don’t know mommy & daddy will be ready to kill them off for more money & fame & if they’re good enough pimp them out to the industry too. Wow!

  7. I have 2 questions… who took Eminem’s spot and was Chris brown supposed to take Michael Jackson spot until the Rihanna thing?

    1. I think Chris was just going to replace usher Giselle replaced Michael remember not everybody has a replacement lol certain people do

      1. Eminem dropped a album like three months ago. I say the second thing about logic too. I feel like though he won’t have the same impact Eminem had on rap music.

  8. Totally agree but u think Kim is more willing than other ppl to let this happen mainly cuz it’s her sister. Kim looks tried of Hollyweird and just wants to enjoy her kids and husband.

  9. Can we get any scoop on kelly Rowland I think Mathew is really her dad and she seems like she not really happy with herself

  10. Yo Gina. They might need to change the operating system on Kanye after today’s outburst. This nigga went on TMZ and said “Slavery was a choice”.

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