August 15, 2022

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69 thoughts on “More Details Come Out About The Death Of Kim Porter

  1. Diddy likes brown skin girls, he said, “Got chicks of all complexion but I like cinnamon. Mase u got some hoes? Nigga send em in”

    1. These rappers say a lot to placate Back women, but if you pay attention they don’t date Black women darker than a paper bag & most dont date Black women at all. Fabolous is constantly rapping about “melanin” but if you look at his punching bag & the instathots whose DMs he’s constantly in you won’t find a single Black woman much less a dark-skinned woman. They say whatever to get our support.

  2. When i heard Mary break down it’s like finally someone is saying they can’t believe it. Like why arent more people concerned or saying this is odd?

  3. I have a strange feeling that she’s gonna be exhumed.. I don’t know why or when but this isn’t sitting with me at all

  4. The video is already gone from YouTube. That was quick as fuck. I do believe that he has a complex about skin, most of these lame ducks do and it’s sad.

    Also, because of who he is, it’s possible he paid more to have it done quicker… playing devils advocate here, not refuting anything.

  5. Kim had a white grandmother which is why she had the “good hair”.That’s crazy because Soso Madam on YouTube said it was Diddy, Christian, and Al Sure son who sacrificed Kim. Both her boys wanted to move up in the ranks but Diddy himself is on borrowed time.

    We all knew Kim died before her time but she also knew Diddy was a demon. Girls be silly thinking their the exception to his wayz, mama maybe but baby mama hell no.

    Diddy color struck as hell Quincy could never be his biological son but he on em like white on rice. Good hair gives you light skin points. At the end of the day his mama dark skin and I guess he don’t find her attractive. And to be honest his mama look like a hood rat even with the money.

    1. This is sad, Kim knew that Diddy kill Bigge and she know he like to sleep with men. But she chose to leave Al.B sure for Diddy evil ass. She knew this could happen to her for writing a book about Diddy and his sex life.

  6. I sure hope Kim was gonna expose everything she did as well as Diddy dirt. But that’s crazy it was all over her head. I hope her daughters grow to have a compassionate heart. It’ll be hard because industry kids are instilled with elite rituals. They might have to start from scratch without Diddys money.

    1. OMG. I went to YouTube & listened to her. She hit everything on the head. I had pressure on my chest the whole time she did her reading about that DEVIL. Thx for mentioning it on here. It’s not for everyone. But def worth opening ur mind & soul to it.

    2. Omgggg and it gets scarier! Why the hell did Al B Sure put praying hands under her Halloween picture when she was clearly up, smiling, and dressed in her adidasto match the twins. 2 weeks b4 she passed😞 OMG

  7. Problem with this is just a little under 2 weeks before in Nov 4th, and well over a month after him and Cassie broke up she sent a loving birthday wish to him, so how fed up could she have been.

    1. that picture she put up though, it had a red background behind him. I thought that was a sign trying to tell us he’s the devil…she had to post the picture though, since she’s connected to him anyway

    2. People pretend like they do in Hollywood. Think about the backlash she would have gotten if it was done so In that manner. She was trained well, you know how many she is probably fed up with him and gave to go on family trip. She was too sweet.

  8. The fact that she was sad about Diddy not getting back with her was interesting…could she have wanted it to work between them so bad not only because they had children but also because she cheated on one guy to get with him? That would be embarrassing tbh and karma.

    1. Kim has a best friend named Eboni, I wonder if she told Eboni all of the secrets that she was going to put in the book! This is crazy! I think about her often. Something does not seem right about her death! Keep us posted G!

      1. You’re right & they was close like sisters !.. & she knows DIDDY somehow !.. so I wanna see how this plays out !…

  9. I really wish she would have stayed with Al B Sure I know he was young, they both where.. but he would have taken care of her and loved her, I strongly believe he would have even wanted to get back with her, but with Diddy, that wouldn’t have went through.. I think he just fell on hard times and was absent. But on some real shit we as women have a huge flaw when it comes to men like Diddy, he has it all money fame power, and for us women, we like that, the life the security the wealth.. it was easy for her to leave Al because of him cheating and the amount of attention he was getting from women, because he was broke at the time or wasn’t going to be as successful as Diddy, that’s what she wanted… Diddy, he cheated, abuse her, disrespected her and all and she stayed until her dying death.. yes! he took in her son Quincy and is a good father to the children, but that doesn’t excuse it at all.. all these years I haven’t seen her date anymore and she looked so unhappy. A beautiful women like that, men would be all over her.. sad, it must’ve been hurtful to have to be around all the baby mommas and the girlfriend hoping and praying that one day he will come around. Damn, sad.. Al B Sure probably would have remarried her, but we all know Diddy would have gotten in the way. I pray for all her children,’e Quincy.. because he’s not Diddy real son I hope he doesn’t turn on him, now that Kim is gone. I don’t think he will but I don’t put nothing past him. It’s so sad, took away the mother of his children. Black men are sick. RIP Kim Porter 👸🏾

    1. Thank you. Same thing I said and I don’t think Diddy will turn on Quincy but I do think he will put things in Christian head

  10. But these black celebrities are not as rich as being reported. Most of them are faces of companies owned by wealthy white billionaires so their wealth is vastly inflated. The media like Forbes that publish net worth is funded by those in control of the media do they report what they want. These celebrities are living off of credit disbursed to them by their owners so it’s not real. The “fans” are the ones who freak out by what a person is reported to be worth even if it’s false. So if Diddy has Kim offd it’s not that much of a stretch. He is reported to be worth close to a billion, but is he? The elite always kill off a wealth celebrity or humilitate them before their career is over

  11. I thought it was very weird he was alone talking to her. I feel like he was just saying stuff like, “you see what you made me do?”. My heart hurts for her man. She seemed so genuine

    1. Why does what’s love got to do with it the Ike and tina movie play in my head when you said “you see what you made me do” Ike was like Annemae you gonna make it if you don’t I killa myself bitch .OH MY GOD it went over my head but fatjoe on his ig page posted a picture of diddy ,big,and kim p with the caption god bless the combs family .joe could have posted any other picture but choose to post a picture with all three of them together telling without having to say it smart smart man’s so sad Diddy did this I think he did it solely to be with cassie. for years she was the side chick then just the beginning of October it was reported they broke up and he finally claim cassie. It would not surprise me that how he only like lightskin women Cuz he gets it from his raggedy ass cheap blonde Halloween party city wearing wig bitch ass mom Janice. His own mother favored her granddaughter chance more Cuz she was lighter than the twins. Beleive it or not Puff father Melvin was
      was killed for messing with a dudes women named guess what name Cassandra.I’m not going to post it on here Cuz I don’t want to get G in trouble but if you a Google search Melvin Combs it’s the second search result about a thread on the google search page .my dam mouth dropped reading the thread LITERALLY. Diddys mom is runs in the family

      1. That’s exactly what I said Diddy mama look like a cheap prostitute in that platinum blonde wig. Just like lil kim! Chance was here before the twins and Kim came in his life kinda messy. He was with Sarah and Kim was her friend who needed a place to stay. Long story short she stole em under Sarah’s nose. Now Kim was more famous and I think that irked Janice because she had a relationship with Sarah and Chance. Cassandra=Cassie wowwww I’m done!

      2. If it was a sacrifice I totally believe it would be to get Cassie back. But to me I don’t even think he in on it. I believe Cassie may be the sole culprit. No one will look at her though.

    1. I watch mystic Circle but she be biased in her videos sometimes. You gotta listen to psychics with half of what u hear because they tell u what they wanna tell you. It’s also Wisdom and Light that says a complete different story so somebody’s lying. I can’t stand wisdom and light because she’s always taking for celebs who do WRONG. She said just because Diddy isn’t a saint doesn’t mean he deserves to be happy. Bitch yes it does because you reap what you sow, karma, and any other spiritual name where what u put out comes back to you. Celeb Psychics in general are fans. But Mystic tripped me out with Angela Simmons killing her baby father. Soso Madam also co signed that.

      1. Whaaaatttttt!! I never knew Sarah was in the picture before Kim!!Lord Im learning more from the comments section.than from the actual post.Jesus please take the wheel!!Why does this whole thing sound like a Netflix or HBO series???But this is all Real life!! Janice diddys mom was such an opportunist.she got with the drug dealer who murdered diddys father Melvin. Janice told the drug dealer where Melvin would be at the night he got killed. She thought the drug dealer was just going to beat Melvin up as payback for him cheating on Janice with Cassandra and many others.she didn’t anticipate dude excuting him in cold blood in his car. Melvin was also a snitch who was in process of taking down Frank Lucas and Nicky Barnes but was murdered before he could complete it. Later on the Drug dealer that assassinated Melvin was Kill himself in guess what a fucking drug deal that went wrong!!All of this is taking me out and it’s so true what they say that the truth is stranger than fiction. Its all just a twisted family circle!!In the end I’m still very hurt and saddened on what happened to Kim

      2. Thank you for this comment one thing I do since I actually do readings and things is never be biased that’s the worst thing you can do and not only that I never understood readings on celebrities a lot of them are demonic and that’s not the kind of energy you want

  12. Dang. video is unavailable, but They didn’t anticipate so many people raising an eyebrow, however as many of us have stated the situation was too abrupt and bizarre.

  13. I think she was terminally ill. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it this time, I said on IG that it seemed as if her kids were prepared for her death. I think she had made them mentally prepared, yes they are probably devastated but I’m not behind the scenes seeing their every move. That’s my opinion.

  14. Please clarify something for me Gina. Was Kim still romantically involved with Diddy the entire time he was also with Cassie?

  15. Side note, couldn’t have been suicide because life insurance won’t pay out if they determine it was cause of death.

  16. I thought it was weird that when she said happy birthday on IG this year all, he said, was thank you. Previous years he was gushing his love and appreciation for her…. Is it wrong I’m going to enjoy watching his descent from the A list?!

  17. I mean I’m so curious about this stuff, yet I feel like I need to refrain from this before I start thinking too much 🤕

  18. Yes I just listened to Holly last night regarding all this, I had to tell a friend!! The 2 week Casket took me out! I had to look it up for myself, Blank Stare!!!

  19. I wonder what’s his dark skin issue about?! Just like Mathew knowles it was probably his momma g did do a post a while ago saying that the mother is a colorist. She was watching chance but not the twins Because of their skin. That lady evil just like her son and Christian have some of the evilness too just gotta wait till the right time.

  20. I totally believe you about Kim never ratting Puff out. She cared about her children way too much to tarnish their image and future endeavors. All I know is that from a lot the videos I’ve seen of Kim she could really throw back some drinks. Like she lived a good full life. But you can see she drank a lot and if you have colds or anything like that your organs are not the healthiest due to that. She also looked very tired. Like life has done her in near her last Days. I not saying it wasn’t a sacrifice but those are things to consider. All in all , she was a very beautiful woman and her skin just made her that much beautiful. There is some beauty you can’t deny- regardless of skin color. She had that type of beauty where it didn’t matter what complexion she was. Plus she was the second baby mama after beautiful Misa. Diddy likes bad chicks period. I think he took that beautiful laid back, wholesome type of woman for granted. He knew she would always be there so there was no mystery. With Cassie she has no baby so even though he kept a strong arm on her he knew it couldn’t be forever. But I do believe Cassie could never be part of their blended family with Kim around for sure. Something had to change. And I sure with a casket like that money talks so they could have put that call in and got to it quick quick.

  21. On Hollywood Unlocked DJ Damage said her death hit him really hard, like harder than most. The way he said it and then how Jason started talking after was really unsettling. We all know Jason involved in that shit too

  22. The question I have is when is a death in Hollywood just a death? We regular people die every day but why is it that death in Hollywood is always a story behind it like they are immortal? Not talking about Kim’s death, just talking in general. Is there any celebrity that just died because it was their time?

  23. Her death really has weighed on my mind more than it should, and it has caused me to side eye both Diddy and Cassie. Especially with Cassie’s soul/soulmate post. I’m just really disgusted by them both and I don’t know any of them. I keep looking at all the videos, posts, and love that people are giving Kim and even with her unsavory way of hooking up with Puff- she was a genuinely great person. I noticed Sarah’s post only commended her on being a mother, so clearly they still didn’t like each other. I think Diddy keeps her & Cassie under his thumb. I think Misa was genuine bc of her long history with Kim and the fact that Kim really seemed to love and accept Justin as Diddy seems to love Quincy. In my opinion, everyone except Diddy, Cassie, and Sarah seemed genuine. And I think it’s so disrespectful how Diddy listed himself in her obituary. He never married her, so personally he could have left himself (and maybe even Chance) out.

  24. The fact that they took the video down confirms foul play to me. Something isn’t right.

    I am a very spiritual person, I don’t practice anything special, I simply pray. The lord speaks to me in in many ways however mostly in dreams. I have not been wrong yet.

    I’m deeply disturbed by Kim’s death. It came to me in a dream that Kim was “Marked”. I don’t know by who, but I given the visual that she was marked. She was marked in plain sight, however it wasn’t easy to understand until her passing. The “Mark” was placed on her face in between her eye brows in black ink. In translation it could mean exactly what I dreamt or that it’s “written on her face” (so to speak) however meaning the “Mark” was obvious and visual to anyone who looked her in the face.

    I seen her partying with friends in a VIP. She looked good but sickly (to me)…frail and thin. She wore a short form fitted silver sequins dress with small black designs. She seemed happy until she received an upsetting phone call, she quickly packed up to leave the party early. Everybody was asking her what was wrong but she deflected with smiling and laughing loudly while taking pics with friends and near by fans…she left soon after. I seen she was marked ….it was obvious but I didn’t understand it until after she died.

    God bless everyone who had a relationship or any involvement with Kim Porter. I’m sure she’s missed. May she rest in love and peace.

  25. I never understood why people spend so much money on funerals & caskets when the person is dead 😂😂😂 you are literally throwing money away.
    Granted to the rich that 24K they may spend like nothing, but its really not necessary rich or broke 🤷

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