October 4, 2022

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18 thoughts on “Decipher Tuesdays Chandelier By Sia

  1. This is some serious heavy shit when it’s broken down…it’s almost a complete break down of this sick industry smdh

    1. That’s what I’ve been asking myself. People can idolise but you’re killing yourself because of what. They are literally idolise a corpse or a shell

  2. Wowwwwww. I think I seen some of this video and now that you break it down. It makes a whole lot of sense now. Smhhhh this industry is sick and wicked!!!

  3. I fucken love this song!!! I’d never think it was abt suicide odl tho! When she says “ sun is up I’m a mess gotta get out now gotta run from this here comes the shame “, i thought that meant after her drinking and being a good time call, it’s morning and now she’s gotta do the walk of shame out in the day from getting fucked on all night 😩😩 lol and swinging from the chandelier represented how free she wants to feel to get away from & suppress her pain hence her “ feel my tears as it dries” ! Damn… now whenever I hear the song again I’ll think of it being darker than what i always thought it was!!! ☹️I still love it tho . I love Sia period. Any record she’s on slaps 👋🏽. Thanx for the breakdown 😍😍😍

  4. Morning light can also be interpreted as lucifer meaning shes holding on til she dies/meets lucifer…keep her glass full could mean…keep me rich…and wont look down or open my eyes could mean…she will remain conveniently ignorant and bliss

  5. Are the elites okay with songs like this being released? Will she get “punished” for speaking out against them even if it’s through a hidden meaning?

    1. No what I said was one of the people who pushes the agenda. She isn’t big numbers wise but Rita Ora can get in any event that Rihanna can and that is proof by her appearance at the Met Gala every year not everyone gets that’s invite

  6. Wow! I’m the breakdown is crazy, what more crazy is I listen to this song every day and sing it without the real meaning of it. I just thought it’s a girl that has problems and don’t want to think about it.

    I’m almost embarrassed that I enjoyed a song so much at the expense of someone else’s misery

  7. I remember one year at the VMAs Lady Gaga was hanging from the ceiling at the end of her performance. I wonder if she’s ever been suicidal

  8. I love and support this blog. And I always like and thumbs up every story. This is my first time commenting and to be honest it might be my last. I can’t believe you guys copied this article from vigilantcitizen.com. I’ve been following that page since 2010. They break down everything to do with the elites, music/ movie industry, and symbolism. At least source them and give them their credit. Damn.

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