September 29, 2022

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19 thoughts on “The Truth Behind What Is Going On With Kanye West

    1. I was hoping that Kenya stay on the right path. When he say he was working with Nas and teyana, I was happy about it. The when I saw he get in the car with challmane the god. I knew something wasn’t right that. CmtheG don’t like Kim or the family. He loves Jay and bey.

  1. Honestly really afraid for these children. These guys are what you say they are these children are not safe. If I was Kim I’d go to London with family and a couple of months vacation. Or something cause all I see is the worse or the worse happening with her leaving them with him. But at the same time I think the shock therapy is starting to wear off. He might get himself killed real soon prayer for him for sure.

  2. Wow I feel for everyone involved…….. in was saying on a somebody post that Kim loves Kayne and is trying to protect him as much as she can….they said no she his handler ….im sorry I don’t see that in her or her family….they know what’s going down but they ain’t with the shits…..of killing people and all that other crap……look how protective they are of each other……you have to watch how people move and that will tell you a lot …..oh and Kris ain’t down with she will make lemonade out of lemons but that are shit she ain’t down

  3. So when it came to Kabyles breakdown in Sacramento was he forced into going to UCLA? And where is Kim’s say so in all of this or she has no control over the situation. I think that’s what’s so confusing is how much leadway she has in this situation.

  4. It’s sad that people don’t see what’s going on instead they are blinded by hatred of him because of Trump. It all started when he went against Giselle and Jay.

  5. G I think you should write a book under a false name. I think people will definitely be interested. What u think

    1. I was thinking that too but she already said there are somethings she couldn’t say and won’t so the blog is a better choice. Remember she have to play it safe for her sake.

  6. And what are the plans of alantic for cardi since she can’t do her tour this summer due to her pregnancy? She needs a break but since she signed she been complaining about the industry… we gone have to see

  7. Damn, damn, damn Kanye!! He’s really a good dude…this is heartbreaking. Then snoop came for him today on 50’s post. Just bad.kicking aman when he’s down…so corny. I’m going to pray for Ye🙏🏾 My gemini brother😔

  8. Why would he be with Charlamange? Why would Charlamange want to be with him?…. so many questions… How would MK Ultra make him a Trump supporter? Think he may just be desperate for Attention? He mentioned something like he’s made more on his kicks than Jordan- is he bugging or is that true?

  9. Wait…Taylor Swift is Bi?!? Wow… As with Kanye, he is like Trump- they’re both narcissistic and self absorbed. Both are ridiculous.

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