October 3, 2022

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23 thoughts on “What I am hearing

  1. You could tell in Love Galore video that Sza & Travis had chemistry. That doesn’t surprise me at all, they looked cute together.

  2. I don’t understand the fascination the stars had with Amy W… She had an amazing voice but okay so does Adele … are they intrigued with her like that? Nah…. Is there any insight on the industry / Hollywood & there affinity towards her?

    1. Before she got hooked on drugs, Amy was much more attractive & easier on the eyes. Also, she’s a Virgo (same day as Nas), maybe that intrigued her fellow Virgo Beyoncé the witch too? 🤷🏾‍♀️

  3. Off topic but can we get any info on Tamela & David Mann along with The Payne’s cast?? I see Tamela has lost sooooo much weight or did she have surgery???

  4. Larsa has been friends with the Kardashians for so many years, just like Jordyn, so why aren’t they publicly dragging her like the did Jordyn? Keep that same energy IMO! Just saying

    1. And Jordyn is a youngy, while Larsa is a grown ass tramp. They foul for that, now im really glad people had Jordyn’s back.

    2. Agree. I’m glad they posted it. I asked why they hand them mentioned Lara? Why are they not saying oh yeah the Kardashian’s are wrong for not dragging Lara like they did Jordyn.

  5. What type of spell did B wanna put on her? Like a spell to ruin her career? Or make Amy her lover?

  6. I used watching the Mann’ reality show. Tamela stated she did having weight loss surgery, but she had complications with hers. I think it was an episode their daughter was considering weight loss surgery as well. Sza and Travis might be dope couple.

  7. Travis and Sza have similar energy and better chemistry than him and Kylie. Larsa for the streets…ask future.

  8. I just wanna know whhyyyy thee fuck don’t the kartrashians have the same energy for Larsa that they had for jordyn

  9. Why ain’t those witches shaming that Larsa chick like they did Jordyn? Oh I know why, because Tristan cheating with a black woman is worse than a white woman who wants to look black…. Got It! Stupid imbeciles, for the life of me, I can’t stand those KARTRASHIANS/Jenners Kang

  10. I never saw the Love Galore video, I’m guna have to check it out to see the chemistry in action 👀 I never liked Kylie and Travis together, they didn’t seem to be on the same vibe. I could be wrong since I don’t follow the Kar/Jenners like that, I’m just making an observation based off of what I saw.

  11. Larsa is foul af for that. Was Amy an industry job? I was never into her like that so I don’t know anything about her. I would love to know more. Beyonce ain’t shit, I’m so over her and JayZ 🙄 Why do I feel like the two politicians are Obama and Joe 🤔

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