October 3, 2022

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17 thoughts on “Back To The Def Jam Parties Part 6

    1. I’m thinking it may be to refreshen us then she coming with the next part.🤷🏽‍♀️ But seem like i do Remember reading this b4 too.

    2. At the beginning she did say this was the end of part 5 to freshen up where she last left off😊

    3. LOL umm did you guys read how I started off I saidddd ” Let’s remind everyone where I left off for all the new people that have come on since then babes

      1. Lol sorry G cause i did Read that part but read all over it at the same time 🥴

  1. So to reiterate: NY is LA Reid. Briella is Rihanna. Bee Gee is Jay Z. Dollar bill is 50 cent. Boss God is JA Rule and Gambino is Irv Gotti. Rothschild is rocnation or rockafella,

    I can’t remember. Someone help me out lol

      1. Never mind. Saw it in other comments and it clicked after I posted. Tx

    1. Blue is Pink the singer. Remember when LA Reid aka NY first signed she was straight urbanized lol

  2. Billy- Bobby Valentino
    NY- LA Reid
    Boss God- Ja Rule
    Dollar Bill – 50 Cent
    Briella- Rihanna
    Rothschild- Rocafella
    Bee Gee- Jay Z
    Blue- Pink
    Valencia- Beyonce
    Gambino- Irv Gotti.

    There ya go ❤️ Thanks for the refresher G cause I forgot alot of this story it’s been so long lol can’t wait for the next part.

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