August 15, 2022

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35 thoughts on “How Whitney Houston is Still Performing Humiliation Rituals From Her Grave

  1. G it’ll be okay he will get his karma it’s truly sad what happened to her and the fact that people allowed it says a lot

  2. G I feel your pain I never met Whitney physically but I loved her pureness we’re all imperfect and fall short of the glory but best believe he will Clive the Evil will get what’s due to him, his time is definitely coming it will be ok G and know this Whitney did turn her life back around to Jesus just go look at her performance on that talk show where she sang live, she was singing to Jesus, so she did repent…

  3. Are you saying it’s not possible for her to be in debt… Or are you saying your mad that they are keeping her image and estate looking like she’s still in debt… Bc when it’s all said and done.. They blow through all that money that they think they have…MJ did the same and even borrowed against his own investments… I totally get the frustration.. But is it really far fetched that she was broke

      1. After the death people were saying Bobby was trying to get Whitneys money. After Bobbie Christina death again people said it. Bobby denied it each time. He respectfully never said its because shes broke.

  4. G i’m from France and yesterday there was a documentary about Whitney on tv and they said that she was gay and had a full lesbian relationship with some woman I forgot her name and that Bobby was just a cover i’m wondering if it’s true ?

    1. I always thought Whitney was in the life….I remember meeting Whitney and Robyn at a girls basketball league at Riverside Park because they had sponsored a team back in the days….Remember Robyn was always with Whitney as her best friend also didn’t Whitney get interested in B.B. at some award show after he was gyrating all over the stage……she saw that thang swinging and got open….lol….Queen Latifah was a sponsor of a team too ….it was friendly competition and fun times….

  5. Yeah I was sick for days when they announced Clive ordered the party to continue and wouldn’t allow them to remove her body from the hotel until it was over. That’s when I realized his power was real

  6. G, please give the sugar on Mac Miller. it ain’t adding up!….and look at the last picture he posted on IG…..scary….

  7. Unrelated but what’s up with the Mac Miller death? Is it just that it really was an overdose or something else?
    R.I.P 🙏

    1. He was with the elites new sex slave (Ariana Grande) until this spring, G posted a story a few months ago about their breakup and her sudden hook up with the little sickly looking guy (don’t know his name, the kid just looks like he is 8 toes in the grave, and need a blood transfusion), and said Mac Miller was not who the elites wanted Grande to be with. I honestly think Mac Miller was Grande’s sacrifice. I think she gave him to the elites as her initiation. She has been heavy in the spotlight, not to mention her boob grab during Aretha’s funeral, and the me too movement happening right now. She gave them Miller as a promise to not stir up any more seasoning in the me too movement pot….my opinion!

  8. That movie pissed me the hell off. They out here trying to paint Whitney out to be the bad guy, like she’s the one that got Bobby on drugs knowing full damn well that nigga was getting high and drunk long before he met her! Which is why they kicked his ass out NE in the first place 🙄. They need to let that lady rest there’s nothing else left for her to do or say she’s gone. What can she possibly do to them. And who tf is nick Gordon motherfucker he was there when nippy AND Krissy died he not shit either

  9. I hate Clive, I don’t think he means anybody any good, he’s just like a lot of these other white men that used black peoples success to get ahead. It breaks my heart to see Whitney Houston humiliated constantly since her death. All these things they’re airing out, if she didn’t tell it I think out of respect they shouldn’t either but seems like her own family can’t seem to pass up a dollar and say no we won’t let y’all represent her this way. One person I can say must’ve really loved and respected Whitney is Robin because as much as they’ve talked about her and what she was supposed to be to Whitney I’ve never seen or heard her come out and say a word.

  10. So on point! I believe Whitney’s demise began when she found out who she was thought was perfect was totally not perfect. For him to have selected JHud, it doesn’t seem to be working this time. She has had great roles in great movies that didnt get off the ground-no box office hits. Her family is gone even lost custody of her son. And Clive said the torch has been passed to her. He must have meant Fantasia.

  11. The Whitney movie showing negative things about her wasnt right. The Bobby Brown movie didnt show her in a good way either. Both negative on her dead soul. Geez!

  12. But if she still had her money then Bobby and his new wife would be living off Whitney’s money now. He would inherit his daughter Krissys inheritance from Whitney and now that Cissy passed who could now object it?

  13. Lord have mercy…. that hurt.. and it was hurtful to see what they painted her out to be in that bullshit ass movies… I am disgusted..

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