August 16, 2022

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64 thoughts on “Choke No Joke Says Jay-Z, Roc Nation & Atlantic Murdered Nipsey Hussle

  1. Shit so sad but i been Knew about this. Shot just wasn’t adding up. I kept Saying to myself like why he get a big funeral like MJ and all the greats when he ddnt have not 1 hit song. But as soon as he get killed ha last record is the shit. I never Listened to Nip til all this happened and that album be on repeat!! I knew When i saw Him at the brunch with all them sell out ppl i just Knew something wasn’t right smh. The photo shoot him and Lauren did was also suspect to me!! Shit is sooooooo sad!!!

    1. I say the same thing, the big wigs can’t eat off ya if you owning ya self and they kept letting him have a taste of INFLUENCE and he done been around too many Boule/Masons w/out signing THAT contract so they took him out cause he AIN’T sellout.

    2. I was thinking the same thing when i saw them at the brunch. But when i really knew is when i seen the pic and Lauren on the white horse, it just disturb my spirit

      1. I felt the same thing with the brunch… gotta watch the company u around and they all dirty. Plus, the shoot made me very uncomfortable…esp the white horse shot. Lauren’s involved in my opinion…

    3. In case yall didnt know Choke been around the scene 20+ years and he always kept it 100 he knows the real get down and he is telling ppl to follow the money and not the glitz glam and cameras. Choke is smart enough to stay low stay out the way so if something strange happens we know what it is IDK ALLEDGEDLY.

  2. I’m not 100% sure however, I will say if they did its cause Nope OWNED all his stuff and they cant/couldn’t let continue to be down w/the click (ROC Nation) and let him flourish w/big biz endeavors (Puma, RE Development deals, & a Cash flowing CASINO deal) and he ain’t have the mainstream appeal (Album & singles & chart position) ALL while being INDEPENDENT! They knew had he lived and saw ALL these deals come thru, its game over for the future, and that Sebi Doc was the last straw. Nope would have been too POWERFUL out the gate, I mean having a % in a casino where HIS team was running the table that’s hella clout/pull WITHOUT the industry & that would have upstanded ALOT of people. Sad either way.

    1. Right and then Jay with that fake ass song after he died where he said something about Nipsey still having more ideas to share with him. These people are twisted.

  3. I knew Jay had something to do with it. NH was working with Jay. When I saw that picture of them two together. I knew it wasn’t a good thing for him to get close to jay.z. I wonder what kind of deal he had with Rco Nation and Atlantic records. Just sad.

    1. It was sick! He standing next to NH wearing a T-shirt of John Lennon at one party. The symbolism! Look up how John Lennon died!

  4. It makes sense o never heard of him either until he was murder and I thought it was weird when I saw someone post about signing petition to put him on a postal stamp I thought that was doing too much because there is other people that been here before him and did so much more that deserve that. Idk he have great points!

  5. I’m still trying to figure out if he knew how wicked the industry is why even rub elbows with the same people that’s down with the elites. Like did he not think that they wouldn’t touch him if he didnt sign his soul away…just so sad cause he seemed like such a sweet an caring soul

    1. I dont think he knew about the evil until he went to the grammy brunch party… It was a real different in picture….in the beginning he was happy by the end he had this look like wtf im doing here…..but soon as i seen him there at that brunch i knew he was a dead man walking

  6. Damn! Y have I always felt Jay had a hand in this assassination and I love Jay as an artist. This industry is evil more so than a person could ever think. Sad sad sad

  7. I honestly had never heard of him until he died and all of a sudden he was everywhere and like a hero so I knew something had to be up.

  8. I felt this was when I saw Nip at the Roc Nation party. He didn’t fit in, his presence was to bright and when he got assassinated I knew Jay had something to do with it. I feel he exposed his ideas and exposed how smart and how spiritually in tuned he was. They had to make him go away. They all.have to answer for all their evil when its their time though


      Why he posted that😲😲‼️‼️ That’s probably the reason smh

  9. SMDH, that’s all I can do. I said to myself it all seemed so odd and out of the blue. One minute he taking pictures then the next thing he is killed. Jay Z has the same aura around him as Puffy anyone around them seem to become casualties by association. I never heard Nipsey’s music get much play until he passed I would have to agree on that – all of this is just plain evil!

  10. They can’t forget wayne either though, thats Laurens first baby’s father and a week before nipsey died wayne was at a show saying how jay z helped with his taxes and how he paid his 14 million dollar debt off.

    1. Jay Z’s helping people (Lil Wayne, Meek Mill, Nipsey, etc) to make them feel obligated to him. By doing this, he can use it against them to get them to do what he wants them to do. Never make yourself obligated to anyone because they will for sure take advantage of it. You see Meek Mill just inked a new deal, but at what cost😐😐😐 Jay is acting like he’s The Don of the music entertainment world, him and his wife😴😴😴 soooo over it

  11. I didn’t even know who Nipsey was. i still do not know any of his music. Never knew what he did. The only thing I knew him for was being Lauren London’s baby daddy.

  12. His death still bothers me. Choke is right, we could name all of Pac’s and Biggie’s hit records. But before Nipsey died, nobody could. Victory Lap is a really dope album. I think his mom confirmed this on the BET Awards, why would she get the idea that her son was assassinated? Also, it was telling that Blacc Sam
    didn’t come to the award ceremony as well.

    1. Yes i was happy blac dam wasn’t there and when the mom said assassinated i said why not used the word “murdered” if it was street beef

  13. Off topic but do you know what happened to Mary 40? I heard of some allegations about her making racist comments and her YouTube videos are gone. Regardless I hope she is ok and “they” haven’t gotten to her

    1. I was wondering that too I mean I hope she is okay cause……. 😔😔😔😔😔😔

      I used to watch her videos and her videos were always easy to find but shit def changed smh

  14. People outside of LA really shouldn’t be suggesting what he did or did not do!! Everybody in LA know how much he did for the community before his recent notoriety. So yes, he was very deserving of that award! Those boys been getting to the money. Ask people in LA before y’all start to listen to people outside of the city about who he was! People know he’s exactly who he said he was! And I’ll leave it at that

    1. I’m glad you said this because he has done so much for his community- the evidence is there so please down downplay what he achieved and he deserved that award! Just because we don’t hear about it doesn’t mean it wasn’t done!

    2. Thank u! A simple Google search and watching Nip interviews will answer the majority of the questions posed.

      He was independent w a management deal w Roc and distribution w Atlantic.

      The owner did a direct sale to them ( both brothers)

      He had other investments that made him money as well as his brother

      He was deserving of that award. You don’t need to be 85 to make an impact.

      Where did he read 75,000 in the court transcripts???

      Somethings are evil. The act was evil.

      1. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾!!! Girl I was too pissed like you don’t know what the hell you talking about!! Like how is this even on here and it’s not even facts!!! Now do I believe he was assassinated? Absolutely, but the rest of the stuff he was saying is bs, and I know he don’t know what he talking about! He had me tight with this! Lol

    3. Exactly! I live in Los Angeles and people are still hurting to this day. Plus the staples center is in Los Angeles so it’s only right his memorial was there being he was HUGE in L.A. People really undervalue good works. He was a man of a pure bear and good deeds and that made him a superstar. But I also for sure believe that some higher up had something to do with his sacrifice. All the sudden people were releasing things around the time of his death and having shows

    4. Thank you Rhoalty3 im just sittin here reading these comments shaking my head. That man may not hv meant anything to yall before hia death but he meant everything to L.A. and thats real! Eff yalls opinions cuz it aint facts 😠

  15. I disagree.
    It was Big U. He was pissed about Nip & his brother Sam not backing down & Sam pulling out a gun and shooting in the air to keep Big U and Dem off his little brother, Nip.

  16. A friend of mine brought up this same question about the size of this funeral. I knew that Nipsey was very active in his community and the people loved him. But we know how the Elites get down in this industry. I put nothing past them. Evil is as evil does with those witchy Elites.

  17. When i saw Nip at the brunch i knew he was a dead man walking… I think he knew something not right……

    I dont trust:

    Jay: the way they sneek they ass in that memorial i knew they wasnt right..

    Dj lardass khaled: he knew that Nip was about to die so he came out with that record with john legend… Nobody work with this man until after that brunch… Khaled knew that why the song sound so spiritual…. His fat ass making good money off that song…

    Lauren L.: i dont trust her either… He cheated on you the whole time now you so called marry to him plus got a tv show…

    BabyMomma: something not right her… Why they trying so hard to get custody of his daughter…

    1. Thank you I’ve been saying I don’t trust Lauren London
      And for the bm idk she just needs to get her shit together but before or after his death ive never got a sense that she is a clout chaser she could have been went to the blogs about stuff. I mean whatever she post on her pg is just that. Unless she know stuff we don’t. And everytime something is reported from the custody case it’s always someone from his side bashing his bm. I could be wrong but something is off.

  18. I swear told Heaven this on his IG Live. Jay had something to do with it. Right afterward Jay is declared a billionaire

    1. Yep and Jay needed someone to solidify his billionaire status. What a way to do it my taking out an artist who is ao humble and gave back to the community. Not ro mentioned, making sure everybody eats.

  19. My husband grew up in California and he has friends out yea people in LA and California knew who he was..even though people say they didn’t know who he was…he had a strong presence even without radio and what not. I feel like everyone else…knowing what Nip was doing and just his thought process and everything…seeing him at that brunch bothered me too!! I was noooooo get away from them…his death still does not and will not ever make sense to me. I know what he said in the video but his body of work music, entrepreneurs, what he did in the community is still great..his life was cut short..imagine what he would have done if it wasn’t. But he did plant the seeds so let’s watch them grow



    I’m sure we can all agree we knew too but to break it down like this smh….. damn 😔😔😔😔

  21. G……

    I MEANT TO ASK YOU WHAT WAS YOUR THOUGHTS ON NIPSEYS MOM SPEECH AT THE BET AWARDS????? 🧐🧐🤔🤔🤔🤔👀👀 cause I’m still tripping over that I FELT ALL HER EMOTIONS like she wanted to say SOOOOO MUCH MORE but held a lot back so


  22. clearly he dont know anything about nipsey, his movement, ALL$IN or the district! nipsey been around, been in the streets, been making music, and didnt need radio or a label to do it.

  23. I thought the deal with Atlantic was just marketing and distro… he still owned all his masters… right??? he had a song talking about the industry…I dont think he sold his soul. And if Lauren was close to cassie why didnt she stay away or cassie warn her??!!

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