September 26, 2022

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22 thoughts on “Word Has It Article 8

  1. Interesting she’s trying to act like all is love with Brit when she’s always made shade comments about her. Now wants to do a duet & says the dues was fabricated? Yeah okay

    Why did she leave the Voice? Did she think she would pop again or something?

    I think honestly she likes pulling the purse strings in her current situation but I do believe if someone famous wanted her she’d drop him in a second

    1. It’s rumored she got fired for being demanding behind the scenes. Remember she was supposedly only going on tour and coming back and she never did.

  2. I guess she deactivated. After Pink, BSB and *NSYNC and Brit fell off I stopped. Idk who replaced the white celebs. I guess Taylor Swift?

  3. How you talk about everyone is a devil that’s why you dont date them, but didnt she sign her soul too? That makes her what?

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