October 5, 2022

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40 thoughts on “Hot Takes 5/19/19

  1. So I’m assuming Tyga has the bigger pole since Blac Chyna would lie to Rob. And collects semennnnnnnn🤦🏽‍♀️

  2. We all know Blac Chyna has fake body parts and I don’t care what she says she was using Rob and why would someone keep viles of semen 🤔

  3. Whatttt Chyna has fake parts?
    And Hailey girl you knew before you got married
    Plan B?
    Khlomadiya give it up he’s not into you
    About lil Po leave her husband
    I know tyga got a Long slong
    Rob looks like has a toddler penis

  4. So are they giving her semen to keep, or is she taking what they deposit in her pu.. you know what I don’t even wanna know 🤮

  5. Wow this tea. So who had the bigger pole huh??

    Bethenny Frankel is fake asf. If the show is fake, then why her fake ass keep being on the show.I don’t watch her franchise but she seems to talk a lot of shit these days.
    Speaking of Housewives, can we get some scoop on them?
    Which ex is this that Demi needs to stay away from? Wilmer ?

  6. Damn! The last time I saw Fairuza Baulk act was back in 1985 in the mini series called Deceptions. By the way, that’s my favorite miniseries because my favorite actress Stefanie Powers is in it. Fairuza played Stefanie’s daughter.

  7. I’m curious to see how this whole TB/Birdman situation going to play out…it’s just so stupid to do this.

  8. Not surprised about Fairuza, I been peepin the darkness on her since ‘The Craft’. I been listening to Cash Money since the 90s, but the Birdman info…. 😬

  9. The semen thing is weird as shit. Kloe is not acting smart at all. Y did Justin marry Hailey if he isn’t over Selena? (Scratches head)

  10. Toni must not know her worth she a damn legend and can have any man she want. I would rather see her with Babyface 🐸 ☕️

    1. Right I can’t see people not rooting for her and Babyface. I’m not sure if the problem of them going public. They are too old to not live life out loud

  11. I think Khloé’s holding out hope for the sake of True. she posts quotes damn near everyday relating to her life. funny what times does because years ago on the show, she wanted Kourtney to break up with Scott because of his shenanigans. Forgot how it went, but the video was floating around the time time of the Jordyn/Tristan scandal. I liked her better when she was with Lamar 😭 I heard he’s doing good, he’d make a great step daddy 🤣

    I see Chyna tryna rebrand herself, kudos to her buuuut how do you get fake dimples?? curious.

    Wasn’t Steph working for Kim for awhile? Was there a fallout between them when she found out about her and kourt?

  12. Damn G you go girl. They all have to get work done its in the contract. All about deception.

  13. If the Kardashian curse ain’t real, why Lebron tell Tristan not to bring Khloe to the games no moe’ 🤣 …

    I like Ayesha and Steph, but the more she talks the more people find a way to chip away at their relationship. Should have been more like Savannah and keep them lips sealt

    1. I agree. I feel like Ayesha is desperate for attention/stardom. If she just go away and lay low or something, then all will be well. She is annoying to me.

  14. When I looked up who Fairuza is, I said I knew it would be her wacky self to do some shit like that. 😂

  15. I like Bethany. It seems like she’s really going through it dealing with her ex. I’d be annoyed too with fake storylines and forced interactions. She has plenty of money. She should quit the show for good this time.

  16. G – what did Jason Mitchell dooooo???!!! I love The Chi! It’s not going to be the same without him. I had high hopes for him…

  17. Thank you for the update on Toni and Bird. When Toni went on tour featuring Babyface, I thought about you.

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