August 16, 2022

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142 thoughts on “The password for the Dej Jam and upcoming sugar

  1. I paid on fb when you first asked. I’m so confused how this will work going forward. Have you sent out the email yet

  2. Excited about the story…thanks Gina! I hope some of these comments don’t make you change ya mind lol #ProudSugaBaby

  3. Hi G,

    I sent emails to you and they came back. I really want the information and the details of how to make it in industry.

  4. You mf sound like crackheads calm the f down everything will come in order stop asking stupid questions I’m not even the one doing the blog and y’all are driving me nuts too if she turns this blog off because of you dumb people I’m going to be pissed off this is the only legit info I believe in 😡😡😡😡😡😡

  5. Completely understandable. My apologies, I’ll wait until you give us further instructions. I appreciate you for giving us a behind the scenes look, view, tidbits, never knew – facts!!

    Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S8.

  6. This is just to show you the receipt that I paid 5$ and just waiting for the password thanks again for everything

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