October 6, 2022

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43 thoughts on “The Truth About Obama’s Angels Final Part 4

  1. so wait….Oprah really is into the ladies? How come there’s never gossip about downlow lesbians in the industry?

    1. It’s Kept quiet but I used to bring it to the Ig page. i can bring it here i have already exposed a lot of them well not exposed but just let yall know lol

      1. She did always have that look of love in your eyes the same way she looks at jayz

  2. Dammmmn..so what’s the shits on the Watergate Hotel? I am just in complete and utter disbelief..this is so crazy. Now I feel sorry for 🐝..but at the same time she signed up for it..🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  3. Do you have any other political tea? I keep hearing about Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, having a black mistress… heard it via LSA incog… he dated a black woman in college/got a black sister in law too… he just announced he’s retiring today based on “family issues”.

      1. Do you have any info on the black mistress or Paul Ryan in general? I love when you post…

  4. Michelle is like one of if not THE MOST beautiful First Lady we’ve ever had. She’s beautiful and fit so a lot of men would like her. If I was her I would have got Michelle’s Devils on the side. I’m petty lol

  5. G, i know you have the tea on Keshia Kior and the Dubai trips ans he’s getting shitted on 🤔….

      1. Ohhhhh…..What she meant the nasty and disgusting stuff like getting shitted on, pissed on, spitted on by men in The Middle East.

      2. That’s so nasty yeah I need some scoop on her too she ain’t been the same since the day something video

      1. I thought that too until she said something about Esters husband tattoo. which made me think of Mariah Carey since Nick got her name tatted across his back.

  6. A man will be a man regardless of his status..still respect the man but confirming what a lot us wondered.. damn Barry

  7. Can we talk about the fact that Kerry has been starring in a show about her life and is exposing a secret group that controlando the government…..I got chills

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