October 5, 2022

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53 thoughts on “HoeTails – Part 4 : Who Was Smashing Who and We Had No Idea?

  1. Oprah and Maury?
    Wanya and Left-Eye?
    Brandy and Jay-z?
    Prodigy and Lindsay Lohan?
    🙊🙆🙅🙋I have soo many questions…

    Are there any black men Oprah secretly smashed? I remember not too long ago her asking and kissing Simon Cowell on the lips. Immediately I thought that was disrespectful to Stedman.

    I’m really not surprised about Aaliyah and Missy. It seems like any woman who has worked with Missy has been with her. Can you confirm Keyshia Cole and Missy?

  2. But wait did y’all see on Instagram that Shamari DeVoe fucked Missy Elliott… don’t know if that’s true or not but 😳.. and supposedly when they had their open marriage thing going on.. Shamari was dealing with two women and Ronnie was dealing with 10 😱
    now that they on that shoe a lot of shit might come out.. if you ask me it was a bad idea for them to do that show.

  3. Aaliyah had a girl back at Detroit. If u ever watched behind the music shes one of the friends that’s speaking on her. She got a tat with aaliyah name on her wrist. Shes best friends with my bestfriend sister.

  4. I remember Chili’s reality show and Floyd was on there but was paying her ass no mind. She wanted to be serious and he didn’t. When they went out he always had his entourage with him.

  5. The only one that stood out for me was Prodigy and Lindsay Lohan.. Like why her of all becky’s?? How the hell did they meet?

  6. I’m surprised but not surprised about Aaliyah & Missy. Damn Missy lucky😩. Prodigy & Lindsay whew chilllllllayyy

  7. Great morning 🍵..and I’m happy to see free n jay z is coming soon bcs I thought you had forgot about my request. Yesssssssss I’m sooo ready

  8. EY So G, Amerie’s long time husband/ manager was cool w the Cuda Love? And what about that tape alledged tape w Aaliyah and friends ( kidada models etc) and if R Kelly was around her I find it hard to believe missy was it…….

  9. I remember Remy and Juelz, I also thought that there was something going on with 50 and Remy at one point. Gee, do you have any Bone Thugs N Harmony Tea?

  10. Damn, Had heard about Brandy and Wanya that broke Brandy heart they looked like a good couple smh but the shocking one was Oprah and Maury ?

  11. Yes, I remember Free was supposedly pregnant by Jay Z. Rumor has it when she was in labor he shut down the hospital too.

  12. Chili couldnt hid it. She had that dating show at the time. I love that episode where her match maker had the new guy interrupt a date with Chili and Floyd. Floyd was flashing money and Chili was in Awe. The date guy made Floyd look foolish. Loved it!

  13. Trina 😳😳😳 now thats tea because he definitely coulld get it. Anything on Trina and why it didnt work with Wayne & Kenyan Martin?

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