May 16, 2022

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13 thoughts on “Exclusive!!! What is going on with Kylie Jenner Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion

  1. Kylie the only one with some damn sense during all this, and Meg screwed herself out of another big bag and people can try to pull The Who cares card all they want money is money! And one thing them Kardashian’s know how to do is pull in big money. It probably was for the best though, why would you have a woman who is an aggressive drunk that doesn’t know how to conduct herself when she’s intoxicated as a spokesperson & face of your alcohol? That would have kylie looking like she enables people’s addictions.

  2. Megan just seems like she is too extra and doesn’t know how to keep it cute. Roc nation gonna be tired of cleaning up after her.

  3. F Kylie! Girl everybody knows you & your sisters have no loyalty and will get with anybody’s man. Keep your bag, Meg will be just fine. Idc how much money they have. Some of y’all acting like she’s the Messiah. *rolls eyes* I just want to know what does Meg have to gain from lying on Tory? Nobody’s told that yet. She was already popular in her own right so what would she have gained from lying? I wish this case would just disappear. Hell he got in his songs professing his love for Meg & he’s been antagonizing her ever since. He’s not as innocent as ppl seem to believe but I digress.

    1. This!!! I agree with everything you said! Megan has no reason to lie on tory. I can’t wait until this case is over

  4. I knew she wasn’t feeling it. Cause it was so weird to all of us when she went live that night. She knew social media would eat that shit up. Kylie seemed like she def wanted that to be private.

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