July 1, 2022

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15 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Jimmy Smacks Getting Exposed As a Trans Lover

  1. Everybody on all the social media’s been dragging thee fuck outta him cuz like nigga just be real with these people about what you like don’t say you was just trolling nah nigga you liked it too much twerkin ya ass and shit

  2. Oh wow and Celina Powell made a Video saying she was pregnant and then miscarried I wonder was she pregnant by him.. yep all girls he’s been with should get checked

  3. So celina is the new karrine? Well we all know sex sells this ain’t no different they got the black man with a bag strange what people do for money and I’m just sitting here praying we don’t go back on lockdown but selling out ain’t never it

  4. Please be mindful as to how you describe people. I.e. “midget” and “transgendered”. Society and verbiage are changing especially in journalism. I don’t think you want anyone to be offended especially when it’s not intentional.

  5. WOW but he all on IG making it seem like he like women & a player🤦🏽‍♀️. I’d be hot as fish grease rn if I was laying with him whew chile.

  6. This world we’re living in. All the men are gay. Seems like somethings in the food & water just like Tyrone Hayes said

  7. This is why you gotta live in your truth. If dude was upfront about it, no one could say anything. And it does matter that he is upfront because he is in the sex business. So yeah, folks are gonna find out if you are gay for pay or whatever. Never give people ammunition to use against you.

  8. So he ain’t got no type 🤷🏾‍♀️. All he gotta do is say he pansexual, that’s what’s really important. You don’t wanna keep something like that to yourself. When you’re pan, gay, or bi, condoms and getting tested are even more necessary. That’s the only thing I want, for more young adults to practice safer sex and know their status.

    1. I meant don’t keep it from someone you’re sleeping with or dating. You both deserve to know about each other’s sexual history.

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