October 3, 2022

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23 thoughts on “Hot Takes 5/8/2020

  1. Adele face looks pretty to me. When you lose weight your face do slim down so idk. I was comparing her pics and only thing dff to me is her body.

  2. All I wanna know is will Adele sound the same after this? She looks good but ima need some music dropped

  3. Adele: good for her. No matter how she did it. She probably needed the face work. Some people get that saggy face when they lose a lot of work
    More Power to her.

  4. Off topic but why every time monica deal with a man something happens to the guy. I just saw shannen got arrested. Ever since you been teaching ive been learning.

    1. Crazy you say that when I saw the arrest I thought about the rumors I’ve heard years ago about the men she’s connected to. Nothing surprises me anymore

      1. Brah you know what i mean. And like i said cmurder ass locked up, one of her old flings was killed her uncle just died that was her fave and now her husband. Bye girl

  5. Adele looks good I definitely believe it was surgery. I do not wanna hear these fake celebrities with their PSA about Amhaud I will just keep scrolling. Did you see Amanda seals call out the Mayos for turning their comments off? London and Summer are made for each other both weirdos.

  6. Yes, off topic but we need some Shannon Brown info. He was perfectly under the radar and sane before Monica now he getting arrested with blonde braids ☹️.

    Rocko hasn’t been the same since Monica either

    1. We on the same pg. now this hoe talking bout ti always said her and rocko should get back together. Girl if you don’t leave that man alone. I’m starting to see her bs. I always wondered how she got so many friends and stay out of drama.

  7. Continuing the Monica topic…Anybody else peep her uncle passing away, sounds like at the hands of someone else and 2 months ago she was covering 1 👁??

    1. Just about to say this. Oh don’t forget monica was all up under clive at a point too before whitney passed. After she passed that’s when she fell back. But when its time to collect its time. I wonder if she really a nurse worked at the hospital and whose sponsoring her. I know she got coins but I can’t be blind that alot of them are getting paid.

      1. She wasn’t doing nursing, but mortuary science. She was working at her uncle’s funeral home.

  8. I mean the last few pictures we saw of Adele before these new pictures, she still had some weight on her so it’s more than likely surgery but who cares? She looking good & She can just say that she wanted a fresh new look since her divorce.

    Trey Songz need to listen to that man before another Stephanie Mosley situation occurs. London definitely portrays me as the type that will snap in a second and do something wild like that…

  9. Trey better do what he does best and steal his girl or maybe trey and London can playaowrss together 🤷🏻‍♀️

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