May 23, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Spilling Tea on Everybody 2/18/2022

  1. I hope Blac Chyna wins.i dont like her but this needed to happen. That Kylie stuff was useless she gonna marry someone else.

  2. Cam Newton is a simp. 🤦🏾‍♀️

    Pusha will never like Drake. Just as I see him and Kanye temporary friendship as a front as well.

  3. Alexis P is too busy living her best life!! I’ve shopped A Threads and she has some beautiful pieces…Kanye did her dirty and I just love how she moved on quietly, never spoke negatively about him in all these years and she is very low key and living unproblematic. I bet he wishes he stayed with her. But too late Kanye!!!!

  4. Mark is a racist? Whatttt I’m shocked he and Donnie always hang around black people. And in movies oh wait nvm. And Giselle is getting back her karma wasn’t she messing with Tom when he was married what you reap is what you sow
    Kanye is a clone
    Chloe needs to move on never wait on a man

    1. Tom and his first baby mama Bridgette wasn’t married. But they was together. And Giselle said she didn’t leave because in her words, “we were fully in”. Despite them only being together for two months. The math ain’t mathing.

  5. Chloe can do better then Gunna and I’m glad Halle is telling her so. They nerve of him, he’s an ugly slut. I know they got the needed clout but I hope Chloe can stay away from rappers/hood dudes. They full of drama and other BS plus they not even her type anyway…

  6. I always felt that Kevin and Wendy’s marriage was more of a business relationship instead of a real loving marriage. As soon as Kevin left Wendy, Wendy started to unravel. I felt that Kevin protected Wendy from anyone seeing her do drugs and whatever she does in the dark. Also, I believe that Wendy let Kevin do whatever he wanted as long not public does not find out about it.

  7. Unless it explicitly states that angelina can sell her shares without consent…she can not do that…they are in a partnership…she couldve sold her shares back to him to dissolve the partnership…but you cant let outside people into your partnership…thats BASIC accounting…

    Also i need for Blac Chyna to beat the Kardashians, idc idc idc, the covert passive aggressive behavior they display towards black people is annoying.

  8. The Kardashians hate train is so real like why do y’all hate them because they are rich and beautiful? Chyna is a big drug abuser she doesn’t need to win anything

    1. I agree. Chyna won’t win against them. The best she can do is drag out the case making them waste a bunch of money.

  9. I’m really worried about Kanye – he’s telling a lot of truth but it doesn’t seem as though it’s working I’m his favor it’s feeds the narrative that he’s crazy (I don’t think he is most in the industry and behind the scenes knows it’s the truth) & that the regular everyday ppl are watching and feeding into this. It’s nonstop commentary In and around everything he’s says or does…. Most of us want it to 🛑 S T O P!
    I can’t believe Chyna is still going back n forth with the Kardashians… How and what hasn’t this ended. This seems more lengthy Than Tory & Meg drama… ugh plus she’s been caught 😩 doing and saying weird things which really make her look like she be coked up and completely out of her mind – NOT A GOOD LOOK! Settle with them ppl privately & move along!
    Chloe and Gunna – 🤣 what a ridiculous combo / couple. Like it’s weird weird. But I guess he’s popping and she is too so they (the higher ups) had to pull makeshift relationship to keep their names circulating… it just started I’m
    Already over it!!!
    Somebody definitely needs to come to Wendy’s rescue…. But damn anybody but Big Kev …. Like DAMN!
    Angelina & Brad 🥱 1 word – tired!

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