October 4, 2022

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30 thoughts on “Hot Takes – 7/21/19

  1. Kenya trifling lmao.

    Proud of Keke. She’s very talented.

    Proud of Kanye, even though I’m not a fan of most of his actions these past few years.

  2. Kenya may make this season watchable but Potomac is snatching edges so Atlanta better bring it.
    Keke is so talented I hope she get the bag.

    1. Man Potomac been bringing that heat straight off the press hunny and i love It!! But who is Emily Rat??

    2. Girl.. Potomac is the best franchise out there. More relatable. Atlanta has jumped to 2nd place. I didn’t even watch last season but I may do so now that Kenya is back tbh

      Isn’t the world tired of seeing these Kardashians hoes naked..

      1. It’s strongly believed (maybe even confirmed at this point) that Khloe and Scott had sex before. Don’t know if it happened before kourtney or during but they have definitely fooled around. You can tell by their actions towards one another on the show and in public. Wonder if Khloe has him first and kourtney swooped in or something lol

  3. I saw a bella thorne clip about her being molested from the age of 6! Was it only the girls or were the little boys abused too? Justin timberlake was right with poor Britney spears.. I know its off topic, but he never complained about any of it.

    Good for kanye and im tired of DT. Good for kim being able to do some good!

    Justin bieber needs therapy and WHYYYY is his wife dealing with that?!she is young and cute- too many other options out there.

    I did love justin and selena together.

    1. Both girls and boys were and still are abused on Disney channel. Some Just handle it better than others or maybe they hide their pain better from the public. Britney, Bella Thorne, Orlando brown didn’t handle their trauma well. Zendaya, Skai Jackson, Ariana grande (Nickelodeon) handle theirs better or maybe feel they have something to show for their abuse idk. It’s all tragic either way

  4. I remember when KeKe had her show.. it didn’t last long but hopefully she can do it again.. if the GMA happen that will be dope

  5. Good gal Selenerr. Funny I was just stalking all three of their Instagrams and wondering if Justin really loves her and if that girl really gave Selana that kidney

  6. Is GMA good morning america? If so, congrats to Keke! I’m so happy for her. I grew up watching all her movies. Jump In! was my favorite one

    1. I knew Trump was going to be involved in ASAP’s case when Snoop told Kim K to get him out. Between ASAP and what Kim is doing, I can see Trump getting re elected. wow, okay elites I see what you’re doing 🧐 “This is chess, not checkers”

    2. Another thing though, Will ASAP blow up after he’s out? I ask this because I seen this one video on twitter of him being interviewed at a radio station commenting on BLM and saying other dumb shit. Next thing you know, he’s locked up across seas and every icon is supporting him. (I don’t listen to his music heavily, but his new stuff is wack. Maybe he seen the reviews on his music, maybe idk) This goes back to what I said @ 1

    Shout out to Kanye, man. I’m very happy for him yet scared. What he say? Yeezy just jumped over jumpman!

    Playboy wants to do WHAT? not surprised, but WHAT lmao

  7. nothing these kardashian’s won’t do for a price which then do a family pic

    so kanye can pay back kim

    keke yassss i miss her show on bet

    NY entourage types are now known for rolling to Europe to scam stolen cc and buy goods with the EU exchange rate to bring back to US? and the merchants over there dont have that no touch policy where we just let ppl shoplift over here and cant touch them due to liability and tort laws. If they feel scammed they will step to you outside. IDK what Rocki or his crew did but him being a political prisoner means he is the perfect bargaining chip for Donald right now. Why? Jeff is a global citizen and if he has enough money in A Swiss bank he might try to apply for foriegn asylum to escape the NY Southern District IDK I doubt Donald is gonna let up on Jeff now!

    Any sugar with Superbad having a crush or obsessed with Khole ?

    IDK ALLEDGEDLY Killmonger might like chocolate after all if we see him with KP then we will know for sure. KP stays working in NYC and she is saved so she would have a better chance with his parents than anybody?

    JB realizes his wifes family perfected the 90 day fiance treatment and he had to marry somebody to keep from being deported and Lena was too sick in rehab to take on a relationship at the time so HB slid right in and trapped him WITHOUT a baby SMH.

      1. IDK = alledgedly / i wasnt there but I find it plausible so dont judge me.

        Superbad & Khole = the fat/heavyset wyte actor (NOT SRogan) from that classic movie might have had a crush on Khole for years ? Khole is the bigfoot sister from that famous Klan . Superbad lost weight and changed his swag so maybe he thinks he has a shot at Khole now IDK for sure I find it intriguing so I just thought Id share.

        Killmonger from Blak Panther might be hooking up with KP IDK she stars on B’way play, major network TV , started as a child actor , books movies , has her own $ / good credit , has a relatively squeaky clean image , and if she was really raised on the bible then she might check all the boxes for Killmonger parents so far ? IDK but if she liked Killmonger since he was on the Wire HBO and she did say she liked Creed so it might be “cap” but her resume checks out so far so I thought I would share.

        JB HB and SG were all members of that notorious church and since JB was on the hot seat to get married and SG was preoccupied with her own health issues — did the pastor arrange JB to marry HB instead and now JB is trying to slide over to SG now that she is recovered and back healthy ? The church would have to find HB an even richer husband to get her family to make HB step aside and let JB and SG be together so IDK but that is church sugar so what do yall think ? Remember JB had a courthouse wedding so they may not be really into each other it was all so JB could avoid getting deported ALLEDGEDLY. When it comes to that church anything is possible so I thought Id share.

        This is G’s world Im here kickin it like everybody else I dont know everything but I dont like all these one word comments either IDC yall can respond however yall feel to its yall perogative but when people spill more sugar in the replies it make the comment section more lit IMHO.

  9. Trump should get credit for it. He’s done more for blacks than Obama and the Democrats. Record unemployment for blacks and thousands released from incarceration last week

    1. You really need to learn how laws work if you think Trump or even Kim K has done anything for black people more than made racism okay again 🤦🏽‍♀️

  10. JB and Hailey marriage has always been fake. I agree, don’t see it lasting another year. Hailey shouldn’t settle with someone who considers her a backup plan and second option. She needs to run!

    Big fan of Keke and hope to see her win. Good for her!!

    Trump, Kim, and Kanye are turncoats. I see through all their BSs.

    Not a fan of Kanye and his clownish ways, but he deserves kudos for turning his company around. I hope it continues to succeed be in this avenue, because I don’t see him doing great music again… 😏

    Khole… Khloe… No words.

    Haven’t been paying attention the Housewives franchises in YEARS, but Kenya is entertaining and she makes for good TV.

    I’m trying to figure out who still looks at Playboy? I don’t see why it’s still relevant in today’s media.

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