July 1, 2022

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10 thoughts on “Hot Takes 6/12/2021

  1. Kanye was in love with the idea of Kim. How does he think any marriage can sustain living separate lives and you have kids and what not. They aren’t Will and Jada.

  2. Kenneth ain’t ready probably because he thought being married to a celeb *allegedly* was gonna be enough to get this swept under the rug and maybe her money could’ve made this all go away but since it isn’t cause the feds love to take folks down *and I wouldn’t be shocked if the elites also have they crooked hands in this too* now he sweating a bit. If he would’ve gotten out of Nicki ass long enough to remind himself to register in a new area none of this would’ve happened. It was all so simple Smfh but god work in crazy ways.

  3. I hope Kanye finds or has found true happiness, because Kim and Kris are working tirelessly with the pity campaign.

  4. Never knew that Kenny was also his own lawyer? Last time I checked he isn’t representing himself, he has a team of lawyers… This sounds ignorant & stupid, I guess that Cardi follow got to you G. Not surprised other people have already stated it.

  5. Maybe if y’all weren’t in cardis ASS being thirstyyyyy of her herpes behind u would report on her like the others freely and stop expecting her to tell y’all tea when she’s using y’all dumbasses!

  6. Just Maybe if you read the document, you will know the reason for the delay for Mr Petty and not type rubbish, that follow got all you bloggers confusing right with wrong. The most you all will get is a ticket to a show.

  7. I mean it’s his WIFE who else’s ass his supposed to be in. Lmao that was so unnecessary and made no sense 🙄😂

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