October 4, 2022

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20 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes Did Rihanna’s Billionaire Boyfriend Dump her For this Woman?

  1. Okay we knew it was the end when she trotted around town messing w Asap. I don’t understand why this is so big. Plus Im hoping she gets back with Drake. Idc. Chris got too many bms now. Hes becoming Futuristic. Lol

  2. I think we knew it was done. I think they broke up 1st and then this woman came into play. Is this woman Muslim? If so then we will know for a fact that was a big problem with him going further with Rhianna. Hey, Hassan is free to do as he pleases. Rhianna sure is.

  3. If this is his new woman I don’t think he dumped Rihanna for her or she dumped him cause he cheated I genuinely think he just moved on quickly I mean he is a young handsome billionaire. Plus Rih was kickin it with her exes and we know how men are with their egos, now throw in a man with a huge bank account that could get him whoever he wants and you end up with this type of situation.

  4. Chile, this white woman is about to finesse all the coins. They don’t mind pretending to be docile to secure the bag. ***Grabs popcorn***

  5. He’s a goofy chasing clout and wasn’t up her speed anyway. Of course he’ll go with the one who follow his bs rules.

  6. She seems like a woman of substance…. makes perfect sense. At the end of the day, no matter what a person defines success or status to be, if you’re looking to live righteously substance trumps everything. (His beliefs are obviously priority ) 🤷🏾‍♀️ He may be attracted to her drive for others or something to each it’s own… rih still cute tho she’ll be alright lol I knew from jump she wouldn’t convert ijs…😬

    1. Not to mention she burned herself with her behavior…. I’m sure it was a normal reaction for her but it’s levels to this faith thing! Things do get frowned upon no matter who u are! You can be a whole grown millionaire out here famous n all that, but a virtuous woman in the eyes of a religious man is nothing to compete with..

  7. Well dudes always go for the ones that’ll submit to their bull 💩 and control. Maybe she’s an Easier target 🤷🏾‍♀️. Ashame.

  8. He’s appearing with this woman to make Rihanna jealous. I don’t think he really wants her at all. He wants Rihanna. The problem is, he wants her *his way*. He’s desperate right now. But at this point I think he is out of luck.

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