July 2, 2022

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27 thoughts on “See, Even This Is too Creepy For Me. #Giselle

  1. I’ma need that man to go into more detail lol… he had me until he said showed the covered belly out of all pictures.

  2. I just seen something like this on YouTube where they were saying her pictures looked enhanced with her belly .. it’s so scary that soulless look all these celebrities have ..they stop smiling for pictures and shit 🛸

  3. This brings me back to her song “ring the alarm”. Her lyrics on that song, such as “if I let him go, no I can’t let him go”. Like another girl is going to rock her clothes and live her life if she lets Jay-Z go, and like she’s basically worked so hard for all of this to just let it go….. Hmmm maybe that was around the time she really got that MK-Ultra or gave into the Lucy cult. And she was probably convincing herself to stay married and to continue with the satanic rituals even though she knew it was wrong and just against her morals.

    Probably another reason why their has not been a Destiny’s Child reunion tour/album.

  4. Oh come on , this blog can be really good , but posts like this .. Dont turn away the smart ones just to get more conspiracy loving airheaded followers .. lol this post just brings the level down dont make us laugh

  5. Robot tho??? O……kayyy ijs . I hope these videos you post aren’t just a way to get us to send traffic to these other pages frankly the videos are corny as shit …conspiracy theory type shit I see all the time on YT …where are the facts?!? I’m not here for speculation

  6. I loved that video.. ut goes with exactly what you have said in the past G. And people will never believe it cause it is so far fetched. I agree with you on how we dont understand what cloning really is… im 100% believe she has been cloned (programmee). I am curious now why she doesnt ever interview or go on film and speak at all.

    1. Yes i noticed she doesn’t do interviews anymore. That’s just strange. Even JZ just did an new york times interview for his new album. Thats eerie.

    1. I never believed in the replacement stories MK ultra absolutely The robotic clones even though a lot of people believe it I don’t really believe in that. I do believe that they replace their memory i 100% believe in MK ultra it has been proven to many times

    1. I have a little it of a hard time believing replacement stories even though I have heard about it happening goverment wise. It just the whole idea creeps me out

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