July 6, 2022

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11 thoughts on “Spilling on Everybody

  1. Did Chris beat karruche ass or nah? I was for sure he did since she went thru all that in 2017 with the restraining order, but now I don’t know who telling the truth smh 🧐 I feel like if she’s goes public with him people definitely going clown her .

  2. So what’s the deal with Da Baby? Did he piss someone off behind the scenes? Or did his ego just get in his way? What’s the real story behind his “downfall” so to speak… and will he be able to make a comeback? What’s the Sugar…Honey…Iced Tea (with a mix of lemonade 🍋 I love some Arnold Palmer?)

  3. It’s the nerve of mofos. CB definitely used to post a lot of horrible shit about Karruche literally up until a week before his ass found out about Royalty… he has since had another kid with a chick that doesn’t seem to wrapped up accounting to the exposed page about her! Imagine her being truly happy and her career flourishing just to go back to a a dud with two kids and two baby muvas.

    Quavo never stopped loving Saweetie- he still has pics of her on his page.

    Who is still asking about Rih and Hassaan? Like she’s been with ASAP publicly for a while now…

    What did Johnny do or not do, that made him feel blackballed ?

    Where’s G? I hope all is well with her? I notice Beyoncé’s name is being used… things have changed…

  4. I thought the same thing when I saw Beyoncé written! 😅 But maybe it’s because she’s done covering Hollywood’s ass. She’s coming for everyone’s jugular 🤣😫

  5. Who TF is my man smashing (lil baby) 🤣🤣🤣 I wanna know lol.. but this is the type of tea i need foreals.. please keep em coming.

    Why is johnny deep being blocked?
    Tasha k needs to stop 🛑
    Meg and Travis that would be juicy) interesting..
    So is da baby done done or…?
    Quevo will always regret losing saweetie
    Cb and K idk 😐 if they do get back together hopefully it’s different this time around (healthy+positive relationship)
    What if B leaves Jay for usher 🤔 (ijs) that would be juicy too lol
    Ari and Moneybagg I could see that happening.
    Amber and Kayne not surprised they still got some “unfinished business” to handle.
    Selena Gomez I like her hopefully she gets what she wants out of this upcoming record.

  6. Sounds like karrueche is just keeping Chris in the Back pocket just in case any of these other dudes don’t latch onto her or if the time on the RO runs out, cause if you was seriously considering getting back with him cause you still loved him and wanted to give it another Chance, you wouldn’t even be entertaining other dudes like James harden or Roddy rich or whoever else has been trying to woo her.

    You also wouldn’t be so worried about keeping this restraining order up cause I mean for what? So people don’t call you a liar? If that was the case you would never be able to go public with him again. People are gonna say you were lying and being extra whether you violate the RO or wait for the time to run out cause you will be back with the same man you said abused you. The difference between her and rihanna is rih had actual pictures of bruises to prove she wasn’t lying. People have always said karrueche never had any bruises and even said she had her neighbors lie in court for her to get the RO & Chris only didn’t fight it cause he didn’t wanna make himself look guilty. None of those rumors and beliefs will go away just cause you waited out the RO, If anything they will pick back up.

    Her being spotted at multiple venues as him already has people saying she must not be too scared of her safety if she willing to be at the same club as him so many times. So yeah sounds like she just got him in the last resort category at this point. Also considering he was just in Greece with her knockoff on a “family vacay” with the kids…yeah she must be trying to find someone else but if she doesn’t she has him and his bank to fall back on. I don’t like that karrueche.

  7. How yall just gonna leave us hanging w that Lil baby drop?! Asian better just use London for beats & clout!

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