October 5, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Exclusive Explosive Sexual Harrasment Lawsuit Involving Record Executive

  1. Dang wonder what pushed her over the edge to start exposing? You know how some folks don’t start coming forward with the truth until they get the short end of the stick and now they mad.

  2. This solidifies what’s been going on for decades. And they allow who what they want and who they dependent upon the artist pushing the AGENDA and also lining the boards pockets. Sad but obvious didn’t invasion of privacy get a GRAMMY?? Best rap album 2019 🗣 BS!!?

  3. G. The GOAT strikes again! My thing is this though: I know she knew all that before she took the job. Why is she mad now?

  4. who was the artist? taylor swift’s ass or cardi? let me go look at song of the year noms, either way its always some bullsh*t, pretty much always been that way with these “awards”.

  5. The truth is being exposed to the public. This is a good thing for those who have been block from getting a Grammy nomination or awards for years. Now the world knows the Grammys is just fake. The numbers of people who watch the Grammys last year was down. This year the ratings going to be lower because of this shit. I been stoping watching the Grammys. The same people win every year. This is the year of truth be told.

  6. Thank you for the knowledge and I knew it was rigged. Ever since I googled how many Grammys Mariah had compared to like, Giselle, I knew it then.

  7. But none of y’all believe nicki minaj y’all called her old and bitter, said her career was over and she’s Been saying this for the longest now everything she said is coming true. Y’all throw up that she never won a grammy because cardi fake a** got a grammy *which was paid for by quality control label and atlantic record* nicki called this a long time ago

    1. Neither was Nicki or Kanye. They all been telling us for the longest but the elites just distracted everyone by calling them bitter and crazy and blah blah blah.

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