October 5, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Ask G The Sugar Is In The Responses

  1. Oh yeah I think Jennifer and Reese Witherspoon are good friends. I love me some Jennifer Aniston and I hope she ain’t racist on the low (even though it’s Hollywood and I should know better than to think so highly of people).

    Thanks for answering my Sprouse Question G I’m glad the segment is back! Xoxoxo

    1. One of the twins did a movie w/ Marilyn Manson when they were younger. Played a young boy who cross dressed and got molested in the movie. So sick!! And the one on Riverdale shoots odd ritual-like photo shoots and throws it up. Smh, one of them is still down…

  2. I know Sade has a transgender child and I am wondering if that is one of the new rituals in Hollywood. It seems like a lot of the big name families now are raising at least one transgender (Cher, Jolie- Pitts, Wades, Theron). Caitlin Jenner opened the floodgates…

  3. I can’t wait for the Friends post. I love that show and currently watching the re-runs for the hundredth time. I always wondered if they slept with each other behind the scenes

  4. Yep I forget which Twin said it but he let it be know that there was supposed to be a third suite life series where they came back to the Tipton hotel and took a kid under their wing who was similar to them when they were little who had a single parent too. They brought the idea to Disney along with asking about producer credits and they said no. Then turned around and presented the same idea to the boys in a later meeting which resulted in them looking at each other and laughing all the way out of the room and off of the network for good. Too bad

  5. Hi Mr Heaven, I love what you do.
    Do you know anything about Cristiano Ronaldo?
    There were always rumors that he is gay and likes to cross dress. Even Rihanna said he was gay when asked about a possible relationship with him. His first three children were from secret surrogates (the oldest one looks like his mother is Arab or west indian, in the summer he gets really dark and his hair is pitch black and straight).
    Whats the deal with this clout chaser Georgina?
    Everything about him, apart from football (and sometimes even that) sounds fake to me.
    Thank you very much for yoor great work showing the truth.

    Happy holidays

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