September 30, 2022

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22 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Doja Cat Situation and Apology

  1. She still wack to me even after reading that. And the chick on that twitter page is just as sad as Doja. I don’t listen to her so can’t cancel someone you don’t jam anyway.

  2. Once I realized that she was the moo moo girl i aint like her. I thought the song was corny and whoever recorded it. Anyways do you got the drop on normani? What’s next for my lil sis?

    1. I can’t wait to hear some new music. I would like to know what’s going on behind the scenes with her.

    2. LOL HalleX trying her best to get Normani outta that slot . There can only be one hot petite brown skin + if what Doja did was bad imagine what IG baddies do in Dubai LMAO !

      1. The Grownish sisters HalleX and ChloeX (Lil Mermaid) LOL ! Once HalleX starts pose naked forget about Norman , IDK she look like she training for the sex kitty program already !

  3. Off topic: im watching old ciara videos and she giving me Beyoncé vibes for some reason. ciaras actually comes off as a natural to me. Like the song with her and nicki the video give me flawless vibes, but idk just an observation i had for a while now.

    1. Beyoncé was copying Ciara back then. Look up TroyceTv on youtube and search Beyoncé in his videos. He has all the proof of what she did as far as stealing other artist styles and claiming it as her creative selection.

  4. Why would a black persons need to address their use of the N word? Y’all let 69 say it East breezy with no issue. All of a sudden she said what she said about bey in a tweet? On Instagram y’all said she did that on live so which is it? Also why can’t anyone seem to source that tweet like they did the rest why was there no dates times, screen recordings or anything like the rest? That tweet did not look real and was never brought up until yesterday. I’m not denying what we saw but some of this ain’t right and seems to have just been out out there as a pile on

    1. I saw the video where she called bey “beyonke” it’s on Twitter. I also saw the video where she was saying nigger to them white people, even the one where she was stripping and sucking her fingers in a seductive way, one of them white guys said “doja my loose lady of the night” and she replied”yes daddy” 😭😭 it was all on twitter but I won’t be surprised if they have scrubbed it. She was even on that site as recent as a week ago.

      1. She had to been high as fuck. “My loose lady of the night”😂😂😂😂😂no he didn’t.

    2. I was looking for the beyonkey thing too. Maybe she was referring bey as an donkey(ass)and not monkey. I mean she was on roc nation. So why she can’t talk her ish lol and then jason lee fat ass put up a old video of her talking about 4c hair trying to start drama and the damn girl got a mixture of 4b&c hair😒🤦🏾‍♀️

  5. Hmmmm idk if this is going to roll over as easy as they think. People are still pissed, I mean Daniel Ceaser literally told the black community to cancel him, we did, haven’t heard from him since … but you haven’t been wrong so far G.

  6. Not to be off topic, but anyone see TashaK’s video today? She EXPOSED GossipofCity Fameoulous, etc. Whatever her name is. Drake supposedly to took her blog and everything down. Interesting stuff considering G and Team warned us about her a few weeks ago.

  7. *deep sigh* That apology is weak. And I don’t know G, that “let it boil” method in the PR world seems less than smart to me. But then again, when the evidence is out there and so damaging what can you do.

    Doja(or her team) didn’t answer or explain all those scenarios because there is nothing to explain… It is all true. I know celebrities get hit with fake stories put out on them to take them down, but Doja was IN those videos and again never explained it. All She said was she was “a child”. So Doja the chats WERE racist.

    Either way, she has lost my support. I REALLY liked her and supported Hot Pink. But I don’t roll like that, so she will be one of the artist who doesn’t get my coins. The stans are gonna be stans. But that is on them. If you’re not feeling her and the “apology” simply don’t buy/support. We are gonna see how this plays out.

      1. Excuse me. I Stan NO one. And Camilla nor Tekashi are my speed of entertainment.

  8. I never took to her. Don’t get the fuss. She’s not attractive or talented just overtly sexual. Being light skinned doesn’t give any form of excuse for her being what confused or hating blackish people. She’s like that Dave Chappell sketch only she’s serious.
    No excuses bye 👋

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