July 1, 2022

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6 thoughts on “Quick Hits 2/18/2021

  1. I think ppl feel a way bc of who her step father is how quickly she’s been able to land so many deals, has a clothing line @ Nordstrom’s I believe, & has been linked to some of the top names in the industry compared to what others in the industry had to go through to reach certain levels of success

    I personally don’t care who Lori Harvey is sleeping w/or even if this thing w/Micheal B Jordan is a stepping stone for her.

    I just find it hilarious everyone who previously was slut shaming her now is treating her like Ciara & wanting Lori to write a book about how she’s w/these men when the answer is right in front of them or now saying the relationship is fake bc they’ve never seen MBJ public like this in his other relationships or many still believe the he’s not into BW rumors & doing this for PR so of course ppl are hating & trying to diminish this union

  2. I like her because she’s young, pretty, and single and having a great time. What do people want her to do sit around adopt some cats and never find love? People (women especially)should stop hating and live their lives instead of judging someone else’s.

  3. They mad that she not with none of them fake money people, even if the relationship is orchestrated, they good, y can’t she live?

  4. It’s crazy to me the backlash that she gets because if she was a man none of this would even be discussed no one talks about future and his relationship with Dess but everyone is concerned with her and MBJ and maybe because he never claimed anyone but you know what she’s doing something right if all these people are hating.

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