May 16, 2022

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25 thoughts on “Sugar Bullet Sundays Grace Jones

    1. Yes absolutely he’s very nice met him twice and used to go to his church

      That’s also lil Kim’s aunt

  1. Watched her documentary that she produced not too long ago. It was good and of the bullets were talked about in the Documentary… I do wonder did she sell out tho?
    She’s a living legend!!

  2. Grace Jones was underrated. I’m watching Uncensored with Teddy Riley and he talked about Salli Richardson. I immediately thought of you.

  3. Hi! I am not able to view any of the stories. I didn’t get an email saying my subscription was up. Please let me know if my subscription expired

  4. Gracie did exactly what I would have done throw di bloodclot champagne in his face. She’s worth more than a movie role !!

  5. I love Ms Jones and ALL of her attitude!! You gotta be a true badass to walk into a party naked!! And damn…that Nas story was spicy. Her documentary was so good…she was really transparent and I truly respect that

  6. This was really good!! I was wondering if her brother Bishop Noel Jones was going to come up. That’s not the gay brother you’re referring to in the post is it?? If so, it makes sense why he strung his gf along for so long on Preachers of LA lol

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