September 26, 2022

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24 thoughts on “Reveal Who Done It

  1. I never Knew Nia Long was with Wesley Snipes. I woulda Never put them together but now that Nas, yea he has always been good looking and laid back. Grace Jones the licker lmao that’s funny to me!!

  2. Yep! Should’ve known grace Jones was the licker… She was all up in boomerang talkin bout,” pussy Pussy Pussssy!”….😂😂😅

    1. I tried to use word has it as the blind items revealed and people started complaining talking about oh we are playing for old tea now?

      1. Yea G i saw people was saying that, i just hate when some people mess it up for all of us🤦🏽‍♀️

    1. Grace just recently danced down a runway at a n event at the age of 70. I think it was a Tommy Hilfiger event but I’m not sure. She looked great!!

  3. G…my annual subscription expires today .. I think.. I need instructions on renewal.. I can’t have any missed tea! Thx

  4. I had Halle and Wesley figured out, was hoping it was not Nas but lo and behold smh. I had no idea Nia dated Wesley, wow. Should’ve known it was Grace Jones of all people lmao

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