July 6, 2022

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65 thoughts on “The Pr Diaries Messy Motown Re Re Re Re

  1. My uncle was a member in Clara Wards choir and some what raised by her mom Gertrude ( however you spell it ) he told many stories of Aretha and her father and Clara ! My uncle was a sick twisted perv so I believe everything about this ! & he had a lot of evidence of things but he burned his house down when kids grew up and started talking about what he’d done to them ! The gospel world is sick

  2. OMG 😳 dude from different world is gay or BI and her child might be by her daddy Im all kinds of F’d up in the head its sum sick mofos out here damn

  3. Now you know you have rocked my world when you were able to bring “A Different World” 😫😂
    I never knew any of this stuff. I have heard she was known for boy toys and will/would never admit to another singer being better than her. But Berry Gordy, Ray Charles, Barbara Streisand, Clara Ward, and Glynn Turnman… Girl I never knew!

  4. Oh no Glynn Turner?!?!… As for the church and her father doing that to her..there is some sick people out here.

    The gospel world seem to be more distrurbing, the more I hear about it.

  5. This would good sugar! But I’m ready to hear about the gospel world, I’ve always suspected but never could piece together anything besides Kirk Franklin’s greased lips 😂

      1. You should read the biography of Aretha Franklin “Respect” it is no holds bar. The writer leaves no stone unturned. It is 🔥

  6. If I remember correctly Patti and her never had a feud but people tend to pit them against each other because of their vocal talent. This was good sugar🤣

  7. Oooooh ssshheeeiitttt!!!!! These gospel folks, always knew there was something fishy (literally)looool. G, you dropped soo much tea in this story, gguurrrlll, let me tell you. Continue, you will get the RESPECT you deserve in due time. Much love coming all the way from London. UK

  8. Lort! I didn’t know the preacher got a 12 year pregnant while he was married to Aretha’s mom and the little girl had the baby!

      1. The 12 year old was Aretha! Her father is rumored to be the father of a couple of her kids. I am from Detroit so this tea has been around for years. I believe it’s all true!!! Her father was a sick, perverted, disgusting human being!!! SMH

    1. I thought it was from another girl from the church? I had to Google because I wasn’t too familiar about Aretha’s dad. I need to ask my Godpops. He had a couple of gospel concerts he sang at and he probably know some stuff. He is part of The Sonoco Men Club. They go around singing with these groups.

  9. 🗣BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII…you will not give us that ☕️like that..the entire time reading my mouth was wide open or had my hand over my mouth reading with my 👀opened wide..😱G you guys are something else. This that good sugar..that ole skool sugar. 💯

  10. I held my breathe reading this post. Wow! I remember my late auntie tiny on the phone saying Aretha divorced Glynn bc she caught him in bed with another man. I was outside the room listening. I was like whatttttt!??!! Then and now. Lol. Keep it coming. Not only tea but tea with liquor. Not just receipts but paid time stamped invoices. Holla!!!

  11. OOOOOO!!! THIS!! OMG!! This is some crazy ish… …and I can’t wait to see the gospel tea. Some of these artists act like their untouchable in that world… FOH.. The business is the business…. Shiiiiii….

  12. James Cleveland molested Billy Preston. BP was considered the 5th Beetle. JC’s estate paid out a lot of hush money.

  13. The most talented people have the most personal struggles . How sick ! Some people get the shitty end of the stick way to early . Amazingly talented though but damn

  14. Hollywood is just sick, is just a world built around sex, pedophilia, soul selling and money power crazed ppl whose willing to do whatever to be and stay relevant… Sickening to the stomach 😱😷 I was wondering was you gonna talk about the gospel world cause I’m quite sure their just as demonic trying to use Jesus as a cover up smh🤔

  15. My grandmother and aunt was part of the gospel scene, HEAVY! My grandmother sang with the ward sisters and my aunt was an evangelist who knew mr. Cleveland and a few others. I always had an uneasy feeling about the whole gospel scene, can’t wait to hear the BTS stories.

    1. Germona, you are so right! Let me tell you this! I remember when my aunt was pregnant with my cousin. She was working for Days Inn at the time. Dottie Peoples came to my hometown and did a show along with some more gospel singers at The Center Theater. Well, while Mrs. Dottie was at the theater doing a rehearsal and sound check, my aunt ended having her room to clean. My aunt said that Mrs. Dottie was the nastiest woman she had ever seen!! Drawls on the bathroom floor! Bras and pantyhoses on the dresser! I was too through!!!! Just nasty!!

  16. So…… Where’s her kids????? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

    They was all before my time and my mama time…. I think lol well a Lil lol my mom is a 60s baby so….. Any who I know who these ppl are tho… Lol

  17. This is the whole truth and nothing but the truth, (glynn turman, from a different world) was known to be a flaming *f-word) and beat her and beat her son while also molesting him. Also to confirm her having her fathers chikd is also true. G got these facts out the attic, but people are so green when it comes to “celebs”

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