September 26, 2022

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42 thoughts on “The Real Sugar On Your Favorite “Love and Hip Hop” Stars 

    1. Same thing that happened to Melanie F — they were “too talented” for their skin complexions WTF ! Like dont forget dancehall was super mainstream back in them days but Amanda and Becky couldnt leech off the trend if the real w.indian divas got their shine SMH .

  1. The fact that you mentioned that Mona may be bisexual raises a red flag for me, since I’ve seen Tweet and Missy Elliot sing her praises (and we all know they’ve dipped in the lady pond)

      1. Joseline told mona to pay her, we know joseline love attention but when she left i knew mona had to do something cuz joseline was kind of going off on ig like a couple years ago or last year

  2. Damn G we need more on the LHH folks period and how this all works. Does the cast suggest other newbies to join? Do they get a cut if so?

  3. Kinda off topic but G wowwwwww all of the instagram Models now has that same pose that you spoke about a few posts back….I’m so in Awe of your knowledge as i scrolled I saw all the popular IG models doing the same pose i mean all of em…..I’m trippin girl that’s something else boyeeeee Now I know who selling KittykAT…

      1. Yachting season is upon us. They are probably trying to hook up with big fish too 🤦‍♀️😂

    1. Pose at one angle on the regular timeline but if you booking them you get the candid angles so the client can know its a real deal ? IDK ALLEDGEDLY.

    2. Crazy.. literally as i read Your comment i said To myself “let me go search some ig model” as soon as i opened my app, Draya popped up… in that same pose. WOW.

  4. They wanted cat stacks but she said the money was low so they built up cardi as she had an online following similar to cat

  5. Mona is the devil
    And I knew something was weird about yandy and her dolphin looking teeth and a 40 bundles
    And wait erica mena had surgery?? She said she just works out

    1. Girl idk that’s wat she was saying that she works out! Did u see her on the first lhh??? Like u gotta kno she had surgery just like alot of other lhh women!!

  6. If u go back and look at Erica Mena in music videos that she was in, she didn’t have the assets she has now. Idk why they lie. That’s not from “working out”. I did enjoy LHH when it was with Jim and Chrissy, his mother was funny. And then I watched the ATL franchise for about 2 years then the Holly wood one for the first season and I just stopped after that. I always wondered where they found the people to get on the show and why.

    1. I stopped after joseline left that was the only one that was interesting after new york kept switching cast.

      1. Yeah L&HH isn’t the same without Joseline & Honestly i havent Watched NY since Jim & Chrissy left. I never watched Mia or La.

        I dont watch any now because it’s so obviously scripted.

  7. G‼️‼️

    I am sooooooooooo HAPPY you did this segment cause IM A REALITY SHOW JUNKIE and a DAY 1 season 1 LOVE N HIP HOP fan I watch EVERY SINGLE EPISODE of each franchise 🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️😂😂

    I would like for you to keep dropping sugar too cause I follow other blogs n get the tea but YOU ARE MY RELIABLE SOURCE‼️‼️😂😂

    Also I’m a DAY 1 faithful watcher of WILD N OUT that is my shit but I just KNOWWWWWWW it be some SHITTTTTTT going down behind the scenes‼️‼️ Pleasssssssse get us as much sugar on that show as possible PLEASSSSSE G‼️‼️😂😂👀👀👀👀

    1. Man I’m with u I’ve watched every franchise of lhh and i watch Wild n out too girl i wanna Kno it all of G can get something on they ass!! I been Wanting to kno about wild n out and some of the ppl on lhh like who all is “down” or is everybody down????

  8. yandy was f*cking with mona way back when she was at Howard & interning for violator.. thats been word on the HU street forever, no one was surprised when she ended up on LHH with her boo Mona 😩


    1. I was wondering about that guy..idk him but i figured Something shady had happened like who gets hit by a car🤔

  10. Why was Cardi the one to blow-up? I know prior to joining L&HH she had gained big popularity on IG for her videos. What made her the perfect plant for the music industry out of all the women on the L&HH franchise?

  11. So I always felt like Yandy had messed around with Jim Jones at some point. Yandy always seemed to get extra emotional when she had issues with him during that first season and if I remember correctly, Chrissy didn’t really care for her..

    1. I always Felt that way too and Chrissy ddnt Ike her and cut that shit all the way off with him Jimmy working wit her too!! Chrissy will beat all they ass lmao

  12. I know erica and she’s fake from head to toe now.
    She’s also not a hood person. True opportunistic and evil. She’ll cut anyone’s throat for 5 mins of fame and a Chanel bag. Also a bad mom and daughter. And please she got too “big” l? lol she’s got no real money or solid fame. She’s a pass around with bad breath. Lol

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