May 16, 2022

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8 thoughts on “Hot Takes 3-22 -2021

  1. Gary Owen has always been a cheat. He came to my college some years ago for a comedy show on one of those weekends where relatives visit & we were all outside afterwards & he was openly trying to hook up w/this pretty dark-skinned student & she kindly rejected him

  2. Figured Kae was still communicating with Vic to an extent since they follow each other and be in each other’s likes still. If she is talking to Chris I wonder if Ammika has anything to do with it cause you know she ain’t gonna go down without a fight for that man hahaha can’t accept her Fill in position.

    1. Ammikaa needs to sit her wannabe black surgical over lined Walmart pictures fake model unemployed international hoe bipolar self down somewhere he don’t want her

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