October 3, 2022

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33 thoughts on “What Really Happened For The Fed’s To Arrest Cardi’s 5-9 Brim Comrads

  1. I’ll never understand these fools not leaving that gang life behind them when they make it big or better yet don’t get involved at all! I’m surprised Julie greenwald hasn’t made some calls to get star away from Cardi but Cardi probably still going by that ride or die street shit code. Sorry but fuck the streets by any means when you have millions at stake.

    1. It’s hard…. not to bring Nicki in this but u see she married an OG member in that gang life. We will never noe what these celebs go thru, but going from state to state they feel they need some type of protection. If u believe in conspiracy like me u don’t noe what dem elites put dem thriugh

  2. This is so sad. I couldn’t see myself taking the fall for my friend, especially knowing that I wont even be able to see my child for years. Itll be interesting to see how this pans out

  3. I’m waiting to see how this goes, but it’s not looking good for Star at ALL. She is gonna be giving birth and kissing her baby goodbye all at the same time over some gang shyt..that is not cute at all. I hope Rah wasnt involved in giving information. If she was and word gets out in the street… shes gonna have some problems a whole lot bigger than Cardi B

  4. Star snitched on herself. She spilled all her business on the podcast. Saying what she was doing for the gang. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  5. Why does nicki name keep being brought up even the damn fads not putting her name in this. And cardi has been trying to do what? She loves to show that she’s so real as a grang member”Big Bentley” like she says is this what she dm you? Smh

  6. Mannnnnn this whole things is unraveling out of control. Smhhhhh, that street life gotta minimize when your making millions and tryna be some superstar !!! Tuhhhh this could possibly end her Best friend. Seeeee this is all coming back to bite her in the Asss. Yuppp let us see if Star keeps her word !

  7. I’m not an expert at the law but I do read statue and review cases as apart of my career but how is Cardi going to “Settle” a suit that’s not civil ? The Feds picked up her case there’s no “settling” a Feds case she either going to snitch or get snitched on at this point. I don’t believe Star will take the fall for her unless Cardi Agrees to care for her unborn child

  8. Y’all be saying some delusional stuff in regards to Cardi B. Star Brim doesn’t have a career that is not going to keep her from snitching on Cardi and the Feds already have proof Cardi set it up the second time and STAR is not a credible witness nothing she says will hold weight in court because she’s fighting charges and has criminal history

    1. I think she going to snitch too for some reason too her interviews shows she think she bigger than life itself she was confident in her saying she have nothing to live for.

    2. Exactly I read the report …..and baby it isnt looking good …..but Im going to keep quiet……cause I’ve been wondering why she is being chummy chummie with all the blogs…..she doesnt want anything bad said about her nor does she want anyone to know when she is in some drama….peep game

  9. Cardi case is a state case and she turned downed the plea so can she still settle? Did the girls sue her in civil court?

  10. I honestly doubt it was rah for some reason I don’t think she cares that much. The gang could have been got rah. Star was the one freshly out of jail still worried about some old shit. But i also don’t know how the gangs really work. All I know is what I observed since that girl came home cardi energy been off in pics and everything. Even the way star talks she sounds like she own cardi and cardi is a lil bitch to her. Poor star i wonder if she still thinks she have nothing to live for. She needs therapy she wanted to feel big and there she is the “god mother”.

    1. She’s just saying where he’s from for those who may not know him she’s not implying they got beef or anything lol

  11. Star Brim just got out of jail last year, if I remember right, she didn’t waste any time getting back into trouble did she. Cardi has played it too close with this girl and that crew. She can tell that lie to the media, but Cardi is apart of that gang. Because if she was completely free of them, she wouldn’t be worried or scared of Star. Besides, what gang gives “protection” to people who aren’t down with them. That isn’t how it works. They take care of their own, hence members and affiliates, who are in a sense members. Cardi, don’t know what to tell you, but you better hope Star don’t flip and pull a Tekashi 69 on you.

    1. Right can someone please tell me why 50 cent keep talking about Tekashi 69. He said he was going to make a movie about his life. Something about 50 is off. He talk to much and he is getting close to Nicki Minaj. And she was with him a week ago, he was all up on her on IG live. Kenneth didn’t say nothing to him for being on his wife like that. thought 50 was Remi ma friend. Cardi should have left the hood life only after she got to stardom. Cardi she have left her alone after she had her baby girl. Cardi had her baby then she really started getting in the fights. Trying to be hard but not. Star dont care about nobody but herself. Star is about that life cardi is all talk.

  12. Dead at Cardi being scared of Star. She better be. There’s no “leaving” a gang. It’s “blood in, blood out”. That’s why it’s critical to not get involved in that street shit in the first place. Cardi knows this that’s why she’s trying to stay low. Even if Star gets time, she will still be calling the shots from behind bars unless they keep her in solitary which I doubt they will. Mess.

    1. Cardi is going to go to jail.

      The Feds got Star on recorded phone calls from jail telling people to jump those strip club girls for a bag.

      Now why would Star Brim give a fuck about Jade? Cardi! This is all stems back to Cardi getting the gang to attack those girls.

  13. Man may plan his life, but God orders their steps. We reap what we sow. Karma doesn’t take “bags” as payments no matter WHO we are.

  14. I thought the last time Star was in jail is cause she took the fall for Cardi for some stuff that happened prior to the fame ?

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